I Am the Prince of Wales

If all else fails, I am the Prince of Wales.

Since I have a paper to write on the first 21 propositions of Baruch Spinoza’s Ethics (hooray for Modern Philosophy!), this is probably going to be the worst introductory post ever written. So bear with me. As a peace offering, here is the song that made me fall in love with the band The Young Knives. To download it, right-click and save. You know the drill.

MP3: “The Decision” – The Young Knives, Voices of Animals and Men*

They’re calling themselves just Young Knives now, apparently. Too good for definite articles, I guess. But not too good for rocking. I highly recommend investing in the entire album, Voices of Animals and Men. Each song is fantastic, and even better when you imagine the three lads performing them in their tweed suits. Haven’t gotten their most recent album yet, but the few songs I’ve heard on their site make me shiver with flavor, shiver with flavor (I’ll say it twice). Incidentally, is House of Lords the best name I’ve heard in years? Yes. Yes, it is.

*[Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Young Knives or Transgressive Records. The MP3 provided here is for sampling purposes only, so please delete from your computer within 24 hours and buy the album (or the individual songs from the iTunes store or some such biznazz) if you so choose.]

On a random note, my pinky toe is asleep, and it’s causing a very singular sensation. Please wake up, pinky toe.

Oh. My name is Rachel, by the way, and I will be your hostess every Wednesday. Use a coaster.

-Rachel D. (the D stands for Delinquent)


8 thoughts on “I Am the Prince of Wales

  1. I am excited and honored to leave this, the first comment on your new blog. And I am also excited that I am using a coaster, even as I read your admonition to do so. I once had a hit song entitled “Coastin’,” and so my coaster is marked: “Coaster (for coastin’)”. I can’t wait to return next Wednesday.

  2. No way! You started posting? I’m, like, totally a fan now!

    Nice post, Ruh-chel. This is going to be fantastic.

  3. I was a difficult child and the decision was mine. I will read this blog every Wednesday and the decision is mine.

  4. Contrary to popular belief, you are one fascinating character, and I look forward to picking up what you’re laying down. Haha–that is, I like to read what you write. So here’s to the Rum Creeters–may you fascinate us all with the power of your words. Cheers!

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