Nation-wide turkey coma?

Well, it seems I’m not going to waste anytime establishing myself as Canadian… maybe this was a deliberate, albeit Freudian, decision on my part, to coincide my first blog entry not only on Canadian Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!), but also on the eve on the Canadian 40th general election (pause for the American readers/authors to look bewildered and hastily click away to a more relevant post).

Wait. That was an unfair generalization.

Pause for all North Americans to look bewildered and click away to a more entertaining post (I suggest:

Whether or not you were aware of it, tomorrow could significantly impact future Canadian leadership. And the contending parties, the neck-in-neck opponents clamouring for the chance to best represent our nation and the voice of our people?

Well… it would have to be the Apathy party. Followed closely by…

wait, sorry, I think I have a message on Facebook.

Apparently, boastful apathy is the most acceptable attitude towards politics. Even more appalling, apathy is regarded as an approved form of political activity. If you’re actively apathetic (following me?), then you’re no longer considered ignorant, or lazy, or neglectful of your obligations as a member of a democratic society. Oh no. Apathy is the new way of being politically conscious and socially responsible.

After all (according to one Canadian university newspaper), I don’t like that politicians are so gloomy about our future. I don’t like that cutting my tuition fees aren’t first on their agenda. I’m no a fan of what they say about the environment. So because they aren’t doing anything to alleviate the guilt I feel about the crappy society I live in, I think I’ll do nothing.


Good for me!

The aim of this philosophy seems to be that guilt over our personal inaction will somehow be alleviated by further inaction towards others’ inaction. This philosophy of inaction is the most feeble facade of self-indulgence we have yet to come up with. It seems like it’s no longer enough to be lazy and ignorant and still expect to benefit from the progress of others. Now, we expect to be praised for our ignorance and admired for our refusal to act.

A democratic government is supposed to be a government shaped by the voice of the people.

If you’re bored with that voice-

If you’re taking an apathetic stand against that voice-

remember that that voice was created by you.

So who is it we’re really so disgusted by?

p.s. I (Sara) will be your hostess every Monday… and I promise I won’t rant two weeks in a row (at least not about the same thing!)


4 thoughts on “Nation-wide turkey coma?

  1. who’s the hostess? rachel? I’m quivering. blog world is so scary.



    and will be voting tomorrow. Apathy may reign in America, but i find that most Canadians in the 18-25 demographic are strongly, decidely Liberal or Independent. The Liberals, after all, brought us legalized marijunan. Oooohhhh yeeeahh…


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, m’dear.

    Yea Sara! Way to not be apathetic!
    And I promise I didn’t click on the Potter Puppet Pals link until after I read the rest of your post. =)

  3. “actively apathetic”….genius. I’m so glad you’re a part of this!

    …and unlike Rachel…i DID click on the link before finishing. Not that I thought it was more entertaining…but because the words “potter” and “puppet” in the same link could not wait. My sister and I definitely enjoyed Harry’s “pituitary shrinky-dinky” charm immensely and recommend it highly to anyone who did not bother to click on the link.

    Thank you for a wonderful post.

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