Chest Hair! – Now With Less Getting Caught In Your Teeth

I almost missed my post. I’m 15 minutes away from a two hour drive to the luxurious Harra’s Rincon Hotel and Casino somewhere south of Temecula, California. It’s a much needed two days away from the hustle of my busy life (i mean, who knew complaining about everything took so much time?).

This is sad, but it actually has taken me 20 minutes to get just this far. So, your project for the week is to ponder this question:


I really hope I get some responses. I want to know what you think. Really. I was asked this yesterday by a complete stranger whom I proceeded to spend the next five hours with in conversation.

But when he asked me, I froze.


4 thoughts on “Chest Hair! – Now With Less Getting Caught In Your Teeth

  1. I absolutely love your post title. That is exactly why I miss you so much (your sense of humor, not your chest hair).

    I’ll get back to you with my project answer after I’ve pondered it some more. I know what my knee-jerk response is, but I want to make sure I really get down to what I honestly think.

  2. I have been thinking of this for a week now. What a difficult question! Sheesh.

    If I had to choose something now, I would say that I am most proud of my passion and my mind.

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