Mix Tape Tuesday: Miscellany

Welcome to another edition of The Rum Creeters’ Mix Tape Tuesday. I (Rachel) am uploading again this week— but don’t worry, Erin will take the helm next Tuesday, so we’ll keep the tunes fresh and diverse.

I didn’t have as much time to spend on thinking up a theme for this week, so I just put together a miscellany of some songs I’ve been enjoying lately.

Click on the link below to download the zip file, and last week’s mix is still up there if you haven’t had a chance to download it yet. And this time I actually did keep it to a burnable CD’s length! Huzzah!

Mix Tape Tuesday download #2: Miscellany

1. Songs of the Nightlife – Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole. These two guys collaborated on a great electronica album called Stop the Panic, which is where this track is from. Cole is a pedal steel guitarist who’s worked with a surprising amount of awesome rockish musicians (R.E.M., Björk, Depeche Mode, Chumbawumba, The Verve, et cetera). I can’t help feeling relaxed every time I hear this song.

2. Tea for the Tillerman – Cat Stevens. Love love love Cat Stevens’ vocals. Check out the wonderful black comedy Harold & Maude, the entire soundtrack is Cat Stevens’ work circa Tea for the Tillerman.

3. Wrestlers – Hot Chip. This song is ridiculous and fun. I love the lyrics.

4. I Can See Now – Dead Can Dance. From Toward the Within, which is their live album. Brendan Perry’s got a great voice. So does Lisa Gerrard, who’s got a very ethereal quality, but she doesn’t sing on this track. Plus they’re Australian. So, ya know, that’s cool. Haha.

5. Let’s Dance to Joy Division – The Wombats. I titled last Wednesday’s post after this song, so I thought I’d include it here. Joy Division was an English post-punk band from the 1970s. They reformed as New Order in 1980, after the lead singer committed suicide. Sad story, really. But that’s for another day…

6. Martha’s Theme – Murray Gold. This is a segment from the Doctor Who series 3 soundtrack. I really like Martha, and think she’s a much more capable companion than Rose (take that, Rose-shippers!). Plus her theme is awesome. And, yes, I’m a nerd.

7. Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads. One of my favorite Talking Heads tunes. I was going to point out a section that I particularly enjoyed, but then realized that I particularly enjoy every section in the song. So just listen to the whole thing.

8. Handle with Care – Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins. A cover of the Traveling Wilbury’s song. I love the original, of course, and could have included that one instead. But I wanted to make a comment about how this version does a great job matching the vocal parts with today’s music superstars (at least in the Indie scene). Here is the list of original/new vocals, so you know what I mean: George Harrison/Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley), Roy Orbison/Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service), Bob Dylan and Tom Petty/Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes) and M. Ward (of She & Him).

9. Fly – Nick Drake. I have a book on the lives of Tim Buckley and Nick Drake. Which is kind of interesting, since they really didn’t collaborate at all. They’re just similar in their cult status as great folk musicians of the 60s-70s who died young. Anyway, this is a great song. It was in Wes Anderson’s film The Royal Tenenbaums.

10. Tapioca Tundra – The Monkees. So, I’ve been in love with The Monkees since the summer of 2000. This is one of Mike Nesmith’s originals (he’s my favorite Monkee, by the by) and it makes me several shades of happy. If you couldn’t tell already, I quite enjoy oddness. I just realized I should have put the song “Auntie’s Municipal Court” instead….hmmm, maybe later. =)

11. Ducts – Michel Kamen. I’m putting little tidbits here and there, to encourage the miscellaneousness of Miscellany. This is from the Terry Gilliam film Brazil.

12. Harlem Shuffle – Bob & Earl. Fantastic example of everything that is wonderful about R&B. This song makes me weak in the knees. But not weak enough that I can’t dance along to it.

13. I Will (No Man’s Land) – Radiohead. From Hail to the Thief.

14. The Maid on the Shore – Solas. An Irish-y song.

15. Riders Radio Theme (reprise) – Riders in the Sky. From their Riders Radio Theater album, which is hilarious. These are the guys who did the theme to Woody’s Roundup in Toy Story 2, in case you were wondering. So if you ever asked yourself if there were still cowboys in America, the answer is yes. As there should be.

16. Run – Air. Try listening to this song with headphones, so you can fully appreciate the awesomeness of this French electronica duo.

17. Young Love – Mystery Jets. One of my favorite relatively new bands from England. Europe has such great Indie stuff going on these days, it makes me sad that I have to hear about them second-hand. Oh well. Check out the video, it’s fun. The Edward Scissorhands looking guy is the usual lead singer, and the girl is guest singer Laura Marling.

18. The Icicle Melts – The Cranberries. I figure you guys already know who they are. Dolores O’Riordan’s voice always gives me chills.

19. Thumb/Toe Collection – Half-Handed Cloud. From the hilariously educational album Thy is a Word & Feet Need Lamps. It’s all the fun but not-oft-told stories from the Old Testament. In this case, Adoni-Bezek talking about how he had cut off the thumbs and big toes of 70 kings and forced them to pick up scraps from under his table (Judges 1:7).

20. Time of Your Song – Matisyahu. My favorite Jewish reggae rapper! I gots me a soft-spot for the Jews, what can I say?

21. Gumboots – Paul Simon. LOVE this entire album, Graceland. Love it enough to use inappropriate capitalization in order to emphasize my love for it. Actually, pretty much anything Paul Simon does is magnifique. If Matisyahu is my favorite Jewish reggae rapper, then Paul Simon is my favorite Jew period.

22. The Free Load – The Shortwave Set. You can download some more Shortwave Set from their site. I recommend it. [Edit: Well….you could download their songs. Oh well. Go buy their album, anyway.]

23. Dance Music – The Mountain Goats. Such a sad song, yet undeniably catchy.

24. Crown of Love – Arcade Fire. I just realized while going through the songs that for some reason this track is blank in the zip file. I don’t know how that happened, but it makes me sad that you guys won’t be able to hear it. The end is so epic, I wish I could beam it to you all via mental energy…

25. I Don’t Want to Get Over You – Magnetic Fields. This is from the album 69 Love Songs. I love Stephen Merritt’s impossibly low voice. In 2006 he collaborated with Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket) to make an album for The Series of Unfortunate Events, under the band name The Gothic Archies. It’s called The Tragic Treasury. If you want to get me something for Christmas, there’s a good way to go. Haha.

26. The Prince’s Panties – Mason Williams. Absolutely ridiculous, which is why I love it.

27. Rock of Gibraltar – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. NO! This song won’t play either. I think I’m going to fix it and put the new zip file up for download, but in order to get this post done on time you’ll just have to deal with it as is for now.

28. Please Don’t Press This Button – Arthur Dent & Ford Prefect. A clip from the BBC mini-series of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’m in love with Ford Prefect. Just a side note.

29. Primitive – Róisín Murphy. I found out about Róisín Murphy from this video of “Let Me Know”, and kept watching it to make fun of it….and then before I knew it, I realized I actually really liked it. She’s so bizarrely attractive, I can’t help liking her songs and crazy sense of style. Not to mention her awesome dance moves.

Well, that’s it for today, folks. Like I said, I’ll come back and fix the two songs that don’t seem to be working. I hope you enjoy the rest of them, at least.



One thought on “Mix Tape Tuesday: Miscellany

  1. Bwahahaha!! “The Prince’s Panties” is one of the funniest songs I’ve heard in a while… That and the ‘Ducts’ song from Brazil is amazing. And of course I love the clip from HG2TG.

    ps. I was saddened by the blankness of “Crown of Love”, so I went and bought it, and it is indeed epic. I think I may have to buy more Arcade Fire, they are just too good to pass up.

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