Andrew Has Uneven Eyebrows

My brain is out of commission today. It’s been out of commission for 11 days, actually, and it’s becoming a nuisance.

Poor brain.

I hate being sick. I have often applauded my immune system for cycling through illnesses like a Tour De France champ. But 11 days is a bit ridiculous and everything has taken a beating because of it:

  • My emotions. They go to the extreme! When I’m happy I’m REALLY happy…and when I’m sad I’m REALLY sad. It wasn’t a good idea, by the way, to finish the 7th Harry Potter book this week. There were too many emotional moments blown way out of proportion.
  • My sleeping habits. I find myself catching so many random bits of sleep throughout the day that I end up tossing and turning at night. I’m a connoisseur of sleep, dammit! That’s not supposed to happen to me!
  • My patience. I already have very little patience for stupidity as it is, but being surrounded daily by the idiots that share an educational institution with me is a constant reminder of stupidity’s existence. And don’t even get me started on my fellow drivers…
  • But my brain, as I previously mentioned, has received most of the abuse. I seem to have misplaced a lot of my intelligence these past 11 days. I got a C on a history test I could have easily received an A on, I wrote a horrible in-class essay for my English class, and I’m doing a very poor job of writing anything intelligent in this post. And for that, I am truly sorry.

I will leave you with this slice of fun:

Monday I noticed a bit of wall graffiti in my International Relations class. It read: ANDREW HAS UNEVEN EYEBROWS, and it was accompanied by a large, yet simplistic, drawing of one arched brow and one flat brow. Now anytime I see anyone at my school with similar brows, I consider whether they might possibly be Andrew. Maybe I will try shouting out the name next time to see if I get a response.

-Erinching Along


5 thoughts on “Andrew Has Uneven Eyebrows

  1. I won’t say get well soon, I’ll be confident and say get well NOW!
    I completely understand the ickyness of sickyness, and don’t want you to suffer those bullet points any more, like you have the past 11 days.
    Don’t worry, even your ill-dulled brain is witty enough to come up with a great post.
    That Andrew graffiti is wonderfully delicious. I think I’ll try calling that name out at next time I see an unevened brow at my educational institution, even though I’m in a completely different state and therefore have a very low chance of hitting upon the aforementioned Andrew. But who knows, he might be on vacation.

  2. How could you possibly blow those Harry Potter moments out of proportion. It’s *Harry Potter*, for goodness sake. Also, I feel better about taking so long to finish the series myself.

  3. I think I saw Andrew a couple days ago, actually… He was trying to eat an ice cream cone upside-down. And by that I mean the ice cream cone was upside down, not that Andrew was upside down as he ate.

    Or maybe I was upside down, and so was Andrew, but the ice cream cone was right side up… these days it’s hard to tell.

    But in the mean time let me offer this encouragement: Stop being sick.

  4. RE: “How could you possibly blow those Harry Potter emotions out of proportion”

    Well…This is the second time I’ve read it, so I had already experienced all of those emotions once before. Knowing what was going to happen and STILL reacting the way I did seemed, to me, possibly too much. But hey! That’s okay! Crying makes me feel better.

    Yay for tears?

  5. Re: RE: “How could you possibly blow those Harry Potter emotions out of proportion”

    Let’s hear it for not paying attention to the conversations in the comments!

    Definitely yay for tears. Don’t tell, but sometimes I emotionally overreact to movies and books too. What’s sad is that I may still react that way even when the movie/book is absolutely terrible.

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