I just erased a 30 minute long rant about people who rant about public transportation. You’re welcome, by the way…

I wrote a poem for my creative writing class last year. It was a workshop class, so we would bring our work to class… and it would be… shopped… I liked it. It wasn’t fabulous by any means. Usually the way I write poetry is when a random line or phrase comes into my mind, I try to develope a poem around it. I know it sounds strange, but random interesting phrases will actually pop into my head. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with “predictable predicament” but, damn, who wouldn’t want to throw that into a rap! (okay, okay, put your hands down) Anyway, so the poem that I worte got… shopped… big time. Aparently the way I wrote it was that it started out very calm, small, became this grandios thing, and then suddenly very anemic at the end. (mimicking a physical activity that usually follows this pattern…) aparently that was the probelem with it, I was told. The origional phrase that began this was “tessalated skin and sheets” which I very much like the sound of. I mean the sound of it. The sounds within the phrase (there we go). So after this, it sat in my room in a notebook not to be touched for almost a year. Suddenly, a second phrase was whispered in my ear from the second bottle of wine I had opened one night. This second phrase now starts the poem and the themes are intertwined. I would love to share it with you, not because it is any good, but because I think that so far it is my favorite thing I have written. Unfortunately, I can not post it tonight. It is on my computer at home, just the way I like it, and every attempt to recall it fails miserably. So, next week then I would like you to read it. Please do not tell me you like it, even if you really do. Telling me you don’t like won’t offend me. Again, I know it’s nothing great, but I like it and the story within it means a lot to me. So, until next week.

(This may be the worst post ever. It was really a lot of nothing. I basically could have told you that I was unprepaired today so poop on you.)


4 thoughts on “L O VE

  1. I remember that poem from last year. You either explained it to me really well, or I read it. Either way, “tessalated skin and sheets” is an amazing phrase, despite the tie I have between the word “tessalation” and music stands. I can’t wait to read the revised poem. And I don’t care what you say, if I like it, I’m gonna tell you.

    So there.

    Also…I would someday like to hear your rant on people who rant about public transportation. Sounds fun.

    Love you!

  2. I love the sounds of phrases, too. A lot of my writing is based off of the rhythms and sounds just as much as the actual meaning of the words.
    But at the same time I’m awful at poetry. Go figure.

  3. This is so intriguing… a post telling us about a post yet to come. Sigh, I guess I’ll HAVE to check in again next week now…

    p.s. Public transportation is my lover.

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