This evening as the dust settles

I had traded you my heart
and I think
I’d like to trade back
you see,
my kitchen sink is overflowing
(the dishwasher’s been broken
since you went away)
and I need a towel –
the one I traded for my heart
– limp as it may be

I never had one
just two hands
missing thumbs
my feet are wrinkled in the cold
your hands are bold
but I believe
you’ve confused me with someone else

The kitchen clock is ticking
but all I hear is the sink dripping
when it fills to the floor
we’ll be done here
and I think this time
you should abstain
there are only four tiles left on the floor

Two for me
(three steps back)
two for me.


4 thoughts on “This evening as the dust settles

  1. …unless this is not the same person that was talking about posting a poem on Friday, which is probably the case now that I think of it.

    There should be a rule that you have to post your name in some form or another so that poor Keivn doesn’t get majorly confused.

    Well, I like the poem anyway, whoever you are. So there.

  2. Re: “whoever you are.” Monday is Sara. Sorry for the confusion, Kevin. It’s probably a good idea to have a signature at the bottom, though, so it’s easy to tell who wrote what entry.

    As for the poem: You always, always leave me speechless with your talent for verse. My favorite parts are “(the dishwasher’s been broken / since you went away)” and the last stanza.

  3. Sorry for authorship issues! Hey, admin: is there a way to tag posts under specific authors?
    (and here’s where all my tech-un-savvyness comes to light…)

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