Pound it. Lock it. Butterfly. Two shakes. Crunch. Pull it out. Snap.

Otherwise known as: the secret handshake.

Being All Hallows Eve (the day- not myself), I feel obligated to say happy Halloween. I’m hiding down in my aunt’s garage trying to aviod contact with my family as best possible. It seems to be working.

Speaking of working- and thank you for asking- I started my new job this week. Well, I restarted my old job this week. I went back to the company I was in the employ of previously and, with little begging on either end, they hired me back. Go ahead, ask me what I do. Our conversation should go a little like this:

You- (genuinely interested) “So, what do you do?”

Me- (trying to avoid answering) “construction”

You- (still interested, not realizing I don’t really want or know how to explain this) “what kind? Remodels, kitchens, bathrooms, landscaping, septic tanks? What kind?”

Me- (avoid…)”Well…”

You- (persistent) “what do you mostly do?”

Me- (I give up) “I work for a company that sells and installs fireplaces.”

You- (confused. disapointed. not sure how to respond) “fireplaces? thats… interesting. I didn’t know fireplaces got installed. I thought they got built… well… anyway… thats… cool… so what are you doing tomorrow?”

Me- (given up) “Working.”

You- (still confused) “oh”

That’s pretty much how that goes every single time. You’re still not sure what I do, and I don’t want to explain it to you, and you don’t want it explained because you are already confused. Haha, now that that’s over…

I was supposed to post a poem today but since my hopes of employment were low last Friday, I seem to be unable to do this. Also not realizing it was a holiday of sorts, the craziness of everything has left me somewhat brain dead (clearly).

On a final and random note (I assume you are humming D sharp while you read this) I am starting to get very good at pool. I have been “just ok” for quite sometime, but i’m really starting to come along. I even play well sober now!

Doing this post makes me realize that I lack substance.

Happy Halloween




One thought on “Pound it. Lock it. Butterfly. Two shakes. Crunch. Pull it out. Snap.

  1. Steven McStevester, I understand your fireplace installation! And I’m impressed. Congrats on having a job. Ha.

    Also, congrats on your progress in pool. I’m as inconsistent at pool as I am at bowling, and that’s mighty inconsistent.

    Happy belated Halloween.

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