Mix Tape Tuesdays – Good Ol’ US of A


Voting Day is one of my favourite days in the entire year…so to celebrate, I have compiled a short patriotic, and occasionally unpatriotic, playlist for your American pleasure (and Canadian, if you’re Sara).

So download the playlist below and make sure you vote vote VOTE! (Except only once…because that’s all you’re legally allowed to do.)

Mix Tape Tuesday Playlist #4: Good Ol’ US of A

  1. Star Spangled Banner – LeAnn Rimes
  2. Patriotic Medley – a group of musicians
  3. God Bless the USA – Lee Greenwood
  4. My Country Tis of Thee – Barbershop Quartet
  5. America the Beautiful – Whitney Houston
  6. God Bless America – Ray Charles
  7. Amazing Grace – LeAnn Rimes
  8. Taps – Massed Bands Pipes & Drums of the Welsh Guards
  9. America, Fuck Yeah – Team America
  10. Ashes of American Flags – Wilco
  11. Star Spangled Banner (again) – Whitney Houston
  12. O Canada – Sarah McLachlan

Also…I would like to take the time to mention that Boston Legal is one of the best shows to ever grace the ariwaves. This season is, most unfortunately, its last. Here is a clip from last night’s show that should tickle your election funny bone. There’s a small portion missing from the middle…but it doesn’t change the overall effect. I promise.

If you liked that, and I can’t see why you wouldn’t, you should go here to watch the entire episode.

-Erintending to vote Obama


5 thoughts on “Mix Tape Tuesdays – Good Ol’ US of A

  1. P.S. You guys are so good at adapting your names to what you’re trying to say! I wonder if my name is just harder to adapt or if I’m just not as skilled as y’all. I admit, this last one was kinda a copout….

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