“Who do you work for, baby? And does it work for you lately?”

-Silversun Pickups

The last time I cried, it was when one of my best friends had told me that her dad passed away a few hours before.  It was about four years ago, and probably four years since the time before that.  I knew when she called me and asked me to come over.  The feeling was so surreal- she didn’t sound anything but normal, she just asked me if I would go over to her house.  I started crying as soon as I hung up the phone.  I knew what was coming.  I met her on her corner.  She started talking, and her story seemed to pick up somewhere in the middle. She was calm and steady while she talked until she got to the end and said it right out…

The closest i’ve come to this since was wednesday.  I have never been so proud of my country and so ashamed of her at the same time…

Hooray, hooray! Barack Obama will be our next President.  Did you watch the polls? The speeches?  You should watch them again.  Although I am confident in my vote, and the decision our country made, watch them again.  Watch John McCain’s concession speach.  Watch it and tell me that you wouldn’t vote for that guy.  Seriously.  He was eloquent, gracious, and so kind.  What if he had been like that from the beginning of his campaign?  I realize that when a person runs for office, he is merely a proxy for his party.  But the concession.  THAT was him.  And I think I would have voted for him if that was him all along.  Way to fuck it up GOP.  So there is pride.  I am proud.  Good job America.  We voted for the man who represented himself as the better person for the job.  Yes, he is black.  Yes, his middle name is Hussein.  Yes, he is (or was, not sure if he quit) a smoker.  Good for him.  On all counts.  Fuck you if you can honestly say that you do not like someone because of their skin color.  And I mean that.

Don’t be ashamed to be proud of who you are or where you came from.  Don’t be ashamed of the name your parents gave you.  Don’t be afraid of saying “It is my health and my decision, i’m sorry if you disagree.”  Don’t hate someone for being progress.

And I am so ashamed.  I am so ashamed of my state and my country.  Proposition 8 passed as well. The bright yellow signs depicting a family of pointy appendaged (white) heterosexuals dancing in a ray of sun.  I see them on cars and on people’s lawns.  Why don’t you just put up a sign that says “I’m an ignorant bigot who doesn’t believe in the principle of human rights or have any problem stripping fundamental human rights from a people no different than I am in any way except that dude likes another guy with him in the sack.”

There are not that many people in my life that I would trust with my life.  I love my brother unconditionally.  Unconditionally.

Ignorance is a dangerous thing.  A deadly thing.  He was talking to a black woman a few days before the election about prop 8.  By talking I mean screaming at each other.  (Look, I understand that women get so much shit just for being women, that it is disgusting.  I understand that african americans get so much shit just for being black.  you would think that someone who is a combination of the two would have somewhat of an understanding what persecution, injustice, malevolence, and intolerance are.) The last thing yelled was “WELL I  DIDN’T CHOOSE  TO BE BLACK!”  What the hell do you say to that?

Ignorance just gets passed on.  Bigotry, hate, it all gets passed on.  Women, african americans, mexicans, everyone gets crapped on.  The fucking Irish in the 1800s.  Arabs and, well, basically any one from the middle East these days.

I have to be done because I’m getting angry.  I’m going to leave you with a quote from the television show The Twilight Zone.  Rod Serling is one of my heroes.  This is from an episode called “The Obsolete Man” :    “The chancellor, the late chancellor, was only partly correct. He was obsolete, but so is the State, the entity he worshipped. Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man, that state is obsolete. A case to be filed under “M” for mankind—in the Twilight Zone.”


One thought on ““Who do you work for, baby? And does it work for you lately?”


    I hate this…but that’s because I believe that people don’t “choose” to be gay.

    Prop 8 passed because Obama won. How does that make sense? I’ll tell you. Minorities like blacks and latinos voted in numbers that have never been seen before to vote Obama. And even though they voted for a democrat, minorities are typically more conservative and, therefore, voted yes on 8.

    Had the minorities not shown as much voter presence, 8 might not have passed, but then we might not have had Obama as president so it was bound to be a win/lose situation.

    But what I still don’t understand is how a group of people who have been so oppressed in their history can support such oppression for others. Did we learn nothing from the civil rights movement?

    Thanks for your post.

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