Once, you. Twice, me.

It’s another beautiful Saturday.  Which also means it’s another post i’m doing a day late.  Sorry, friends.

I’m going to Arizona for Thanksgiving this year.  It would be the first major holiday i have not spent with my family at grandma’s.  I’m going with my sister and her girlfriend (my baby-mama), the baby, and the dog.  The funny thing is that we are going to my (ready for this?) sister’s girlfriend’s brother’s wife’s parents’ house.  Why? haha, you ask the silliest questions.

I miss playing the guitar.  It’s been so long since I have that… i really don’t know that to qualify that with.  Anyway, it has been a long time.  I wasn’t really that good so starting over is pretty easy.  Now I just need an instrument.  My ex-girlfriend took hers when we broke up and left me with nothing.  So now I have to get one of my own.  Bummer.

Happy birthday to her, by the way.  22.  Old coot.

And congrats to my bff Antonio who got a job yesterday.

And to you, dear creeter reader, I love you.


2 thoughts on “Once, you. Twice, me.

  1. Your baby-mama’s girlfriend (aka your sister) and I were singing and playing guitar at our Girl Scout meeting on Wednesday and I thought about you, and I wondered whether you still played.

    Guess this answers my question.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving! I miss you.

  2. Happy Arizona Thanksgiving! I love traveling. Not just being somewhere else, but the actual process of traveling. Plane, train, automobile–it’s all good. I guess I’m a bit strange.

    I bought a plastic miniature guitar from the dollar store a couple years ago. It was blue and out of tune and it was beautiful. The sticker on it even said “Naughty Guitar” for no reason. I accidentally sat on it a couple months ago and now I’m guitarless, too. I shall miss you, Naughty Guitar. I shall miss you dearly…

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