Gobble Gobble!

Today, my sister and I played oppressed indians…


…and tomorrow we will feast. In my family, we have our big Thanksgiving celebration on Friday with family friends. My sister and her best friend, Charlie (the son in the other family) will sit all day in the office and play Wii, Rock Band, and Playstation. The room will look as if an electronic God spewed forth many wires and cords, and no matter what time of the day an outsider might venture to enter this electronic mess, they will find Kelsey and Charlie in exactly the same position they started in, with the exception of a few limb movements here and there.

My mom and her best friend, Melody (the mom in the other family) will talk about whatever it is they talk about (I tend to tune it out unless they direct a question towards me, usually about school or work). 

My dad will be stuck with Larry (the mom’s newish husband) who I generally like, but who can be somewhat whiney when something doesn’t quite go his way.

And me? Well, I’m generally stuck in limbo. Don’t be sad for me, though. I absolutely love it. There is no expectation for me to be with any of these three couples, so I basically get to do whatever the hell I want. Tomorrow, I will most likely sit and watch a TiVoed game of football with Larry and my dad. I will pick a team, become a die-hard fan for 3 hours, and yell extremities when they do poorly, as they invariably always do. During commercials, I will brave the horrors of the office and become the singer of The Kimono Incident, Kelsey and Charlie’s Rock Bank band. 

Then around mid-afternoon, we (the adults) will play – are you ready for this? – Dungeons and Dragons. Larry is a big nerd and we play it every once and a while when they come over cause it makes him happy. But Oh! how it makes me happy too! I’m also a bit of a nerd myself, though, and I enjoy Star Wars, Star Trek, and chess. My D&D character is an elf named Agador and I’m a neutral good magic-user. Nerdy, I know. Even more nerdy is this: I have a homemade t-shirt that says “You’re not the DM of me.” (DM=Dungeon Master, for the many of you who have no idea what I’m talking about.) 

And then there will be food. Lots of food. 

And thanks. Lots of thanks. 

Each year, I try to come up with one big thing that I am thankful for, other than family, friends, and good health. This year, I am thankful for hope.

Hope came in two forms for me this year: Barack Obama and Hair PUddle.

BARACK OBAMA was voted to be our 44th President of the United States. The fact that Americans voted in a man who is capable, intelligent, tolerant, inspiring, passionate, and charismatic gives me hope. It gives me hope that the country will start to move in the right direction and it gives me hope that we may finally be moving past certain prejudices.

HAIR PUDDLE offered me free music. According to their MySpace page, they “question the culture industry’s domination over how we experience art and music.” So Mr. H. PUddle sent me a free CD so that I could experience his music the way he wanted me to experience it, and not the way the capitalist society would have wanted me to experience it, through advertising and money and messages meant to tell me that I should like it. The best part about it was how much care I could see that went into bringing that pure experience to me. The cover art was handmade and unique. And it was beautiful. There are times when I feel disillusioned with the world and I start to notice the lack of love and care surrounding me. I begin to lose hope and faith in people, and Hair PUddle remedied that for me this year. I know that sounds like a lot for a little CD to accomplish, but the feeling I got when receiving a gift with genuine care as its motivation was like nothing I’d felt in years. It made happy, genuinely happy. And hopeful. 

And I would also like to thank you, dear Creeter Readers. I wish you all a happy, and hopeful, Thanksgiving. 

-Erintending to spread the love


4 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble!

  1. Agador, I hope you do accomplish all you need to in the mystical kindom.

    Erin, thank you for such kind words. To make anyone thankful is more than I could ever hope to achieve.

  2. So much to say, let’s see if I can organize it and hit all the points:

    1. You guys are hawt. Even while being oppressed you manage to look lovely.

    2. I watched the HBO movie “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee” the other day…which means I started crying within the first two minutes, and didn’t stop until the movie was over. It’s really good, you should see it sometime. But only if you’re prepared to be emotionally drained and righteously indignant.

    3. I miss hanging out with you, and I miss your family. I always felt so welcome at your house…

    4. From one nerd to another: you have to start watching Doctor Who and then make a shirt that says “Would you like a Jelly Baby?” And I love the Dungeons & Dragons scene in the last episode of Freaks & Geeks. You need to watch that show, too, incidentally.

    5. Huzzah for hope! And free albums with handmade cover art. My favorite part of making CDs for people is always the cover art.

  3. Freaks & Geeks? I LOVE that show. I watched it when it was on, and held a one person sit-in (in my living room, of course) when it got cancelled.

    And I miss hanging out with you too.

  4. The two of you look really hot in this picture. I’m not kidding. I have never been more attracted to you. :)

    Oh AND Freaks and Geeks is an awesome show.

    SOrry to re-hash what has already been said. I guess in this post I’m Jane and Rachel is Erin.

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