Erin and John

John sits in front of Erin in her International Relations class.

John got a haircut. Erin commented on his haircut, to which John questioned why Erin would know such a thing. Erin replied by telling John that she stares at the back of his head for four hours each week and is bound to notice when all of the hairs are, even slightly, shorter. John laughed.

Erin pointed out the wall graffito about eyebrows to John. John replied by asking Erin if she finished her book review on Nemesis. Erin, slightly perturbed at the humorless response to an incredibly funny thing, told John that she had not yet finished it. John pointed out that he had finished his paper over the weekend, and that she should have done the same.

Erin excused this remarkably critical comment on her study habits and went back to discussing the wall graffito. Erin mentioned to John that “graffito” is the singular of “graffiti,” and that if there was more than one drawing/remark about eyebrows on their wall, it would, only then, constitue as eyebrow  graffiti.

John replied in a I’m-somewhat-interested-in-what-you-just-said-but-I’d-rather-talk-about-our-paper kind of “huh,” and continued to “help” Erin’s study habits.

John told Erin that he sat and read the book all day, breaking only for meals. Erin wondered how John could have done so with a book that is overly repetative and could have been equally as efficient with about 75 less pages. Erin mentioned these questions to John.

John told Erin that he took a little Aderol to make his brain more focused and asked Erin if she had ever tried that before.

Erin, who was always good with peer pressure, told John that she was under the impression that it was illegal to take a prescription pill that wasn’t prescribed to you, and that No, she hadn’t ever tried it. John told Erin that she should, and that “It’s not a big deal. Everyone’s doing it.” Erin, who was incredibly humored by the clichéd peer pressure remark, told John that she wasn’t interested.

John smiled mysteriously and turned to face the front. Erin had always thought that John was attractive (with very nice hair) and was highly disappointed in his study techniques.

Erin left class and drove home. Erin did not work on her paper. Instead, Erin watched Monday night’s episode of Boston Legal where the main storyline involved a girl who took Aderol and Ridalin to focus her brain while taking the SATs. Erin marveled at how her real life had transcended into one of her favourite shows.

Despite arguments made in the episode, Erin’s thoughts on taking such “drugs” did not waver. And Erin continued to wonder how many people around her were taking that approach, and she just never knew it.


3 thoughts on “Erin and John

  1. Side effects?! We don’t need no stinkin’ side effects!

    Too often, using drugs is like killing a fly with a sledgehammer. I’d rather adjust my habits to modify how my body reacts, thank-you-very-much.

  2. I actually did NOT make that up. My english teacher told that to us when we were talking about different types of art (graffiti being one), and I have a feeling that he is correct.

    But I understand why you would think I made it up…because I thought he made it up when I first heard it.

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