“I’ll find out what broke me soon enough” (the lost Fraturday)

-Radical Face

Well, good Friday (Saturday) Creeter Reeders.  I apologize for my absence last week.  While in Arizona I learned the diference between drinking and drinking A LOT.  Thank you, again, Erin for asking me if I was able enough to post.  I’m sorry that I said yes, and then had to change my mind.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes people what they are.  I am a person that believes in evolution.  I believe that (rather unfortunately) I am the result of thousands of years of human mating habits (strangely including the “flying dutchman” and the “speedy gonsales” which for good reason fell out of popularity in the mid to late 80’s).  It is a sad thought to think that we are today supposedly somehow superior physically and mentally than the ancient egyptians.  I rest my gloomy outlook of the future in the many hours that I spend observing the teen attitude of today (not observing in a creepy way though.  definately not creepy).  With this said, it may not interest you to know that I am of a legitimately popular belief that experience, and experience alone, dictate how we develop as people.  I’m not really big on the whole predisposition-to-alchoholism-because-my-parent(s)-was(were)-an-alchoholic bit.  I think that we make our own choices and dictate our own lives (unless living in a country run by a dictator.  that is, afterall, their job).

Well, the hour of ocho creeps upon me and the haunting voice of the cashier at Lee’s Sandwiches asking me if there is anything else I would like gently follows.  Hold fast! dear Reeders of Creeter!  Let not your pants being pulled down in front of your gym class in high school dictate your life.  Make a decision tomorrow(or any every day) that you may not usually and turn it in to a positive experience.  Get drunk, get laid, get off the couch, get married to a potted plant so you can be the idiot on the Today Show that battles the surmounting injustice toward Entomophilous’s ranting about how they have rights just like bottlenose dolphins, or take a friend out to dinner.


2 thoughts on ““I’ll find out what broke me soon enough” (the lost Fraturday)

  1. “Fraturday” is definitely my new favourite word.

    Now, anytime anything transcends from Friday to Saturday, it will be a result of Fraturday, and I’m very excited about that.

    As for evolution vs. creation, I’m not sure what I believe. I AM of the belief that people can be predisposed to something because of their parents, but not because of genetics. Instead, I believe that we learn many of our habits and traits through experience and observation, beginning at a young age. If a child is exposed to certain habits at a young and impressionable age, he/she is, in my opinion, more likely to indulge in the habit themselves.

    On the flip side, children who are exposed to said habits often recognize the dangers involved, possibly because of negative experiences associated with them. Along with believing in predisposition, I believe that some people have the will to resist inclination, and I am almost always impressed with those who choose that path, because it is so easy to fall into familiar habits, even if they’re bad.

  2. Fraturday is indeed a catching phrase. It’s gonna be big. Tell your friends.

    I’m kind of in the “mostly experience, but there are biological personality factors as well” camp. I think there’s evidence going both ways, that one’s upbringing can definitely affect the choices one makes, but I also think there’s evidence for individual personality types that have a predisposition to see the world a certain way. Not through concrete beliefs, those have to come about through experience, but in a general “this is how the world works, as far as I can see” kinda way.

    Anyway, thanks for the advice, Steven Wedelicious. I’m gonna go take a friend to dinner now.

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