Tis’ the season to be tardy, falalalalalala

I feel slightly less ashamed for my own tardiness now that I’ve noticed all the other apologies for late entries. After slogging through a paper, a lab report, 2 presentations, a lab exam and 3 written exams in the last 2 weeks, I now have only 4 days and 2 exams left before I can succumb to complete and utter Christmassy cheer. When you’re nestled inside a snowglobe of a house, with Celtic carols humming and powdered snow shaking down gently outside your window, it’s hard to keep your mind on Na-Ca muscle cell antiporters and the quantum numbers involved in hybrid p-orbitals.


So, in keeping with that thought, here are 4 things to look forward to once your holidays begin:

1. Make cut-out sugar cookies in all the Christmas shapes, and ice them… or, more realistically, make a bowl of icing and eat it as you cut out sugar cookies, then, as the cookies are in the oven, make more icing to actually frost them with.

2. Watch You’ve Got Mail and While You Were Sleeping, two of my favourite quasi-Christmas movies whose saccharine sweetness is just more delicious when savoured in December than at any other time of the year… kind of along the same lines as frosted sugar cookies.

3. Kick my dog off the hooked Nativity rug (the one that is only unearthed from the garage for approximately 6 weeks every year and is claimed by my German shepherd for 5½ of those weeks), put it under the tree and lie down, watching the twinkly lights

4. Go outside and watch the snow fall down, staying so silent that you can hear the flakes hitting your mitts as you catch them.

Merry merry Christmastime, everyone!

And now for something completely different…

The Crisis!


5 thoughts on “Tis’ the season to be tardy, falalalalalala

  1. This post was set to receive no comments…did you mean to do that? Cause if you did…next time I won’t change it.

    A MESSAGE TO SARA, RACHEL, AND STEVEN: Apparently…in the new format…you have to click below the draft of the post where it says “Discussion” and select “Allow comments for this post.”

    Just thought I would let you know.


  2. And now for my real, non-business, comment:

    This is a wonderful post, Sara. I don’t mean to gloat, but I have a final tomorrow morning and then I’m done! Woot!

    I AM a bit jealous of your snow. Here in sunny Southern California, snow only happens at Disneyland, and it’s not even snow. It’s soap.

    And thanks for your comic strip! The fight between Zune and the iPod continues!

    There’s a show called Chuck (which is a fantastic action-comedy) and there is a scene where the main character (Chuck) needs to get to the final level on a video game in order to access codes for a major weapon. The only way to get to this ultimate level, however, is to play it in exact synchronization with a Rush song. He has this conversation with his best friend, Morgan:

    Chuck: Do we carry any Rush CD’s?
    Morgan: No, but not to worry buddy! I have every Rush track on my Zune.
    Chuck: Wait, you have a Zune!?
    Morgan: Are you kidding me?! No, No, It’s on my iPod.

    Heh. Anyway, good luck on the rest of your finals!

  3. Good luck with the Na-Ca muscle cell antiporters and the quantum numbers involved in hybrid p-orbitals! (And, yes, I had to copy and paste that.)

    Glad you managed to squeeze out a post, I know it’s been getting harder and harder to do that with finals massacring us all.

    I absolutely love your Christmas plans. While You Were Sleeping and You’ve Got Mail are my two favorite chick flicks to watch with my sister. And, you’re right, they’re perfect for the holiday season. Thanks for reminding me so I can be sure to watch them with her when she comes to visit. We also gotta throw in White Christmas, the old school romantic comedy.

    Love, joy & peace,
    Rachel <3

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