Too late, but not too little

Since I’m in the giving mood, here’s one of my favorite songs off of Paul Simon’s album Surprise (2006):

That’s Me – Paul Simon

And now on with the show!

I just spent a fair amount of time writing an entry about my incurable procrastination, decided it was too depressing, and deleted it. So instead you can all guess what I said. I’ve probably said it before.

Now, I shall liven this entry with a heartfelt rendition of “You Just Got Slapped” by Marshall Eriksen (played by Jason Segel), from How I Met Your Mother.

Context: Marshall and Barney Stinson (Doogie Howser, y’all!) had a slap bet several months back. Long story short, Barney lost and chose to let Marshall give him 5 slaps anytime rather than 10 slaps all at once. Bad choice, my friend. Marshall tortured Barney with the anticipation of turning their Thanksgiving dinner into Slapsgiving. The slap was doled, the cheek was smote, and this lovely tune commenced:

So, even though both Canadian and American Thanksgivings have passed this year, I thought I’d share this moment with you so we can all reflect on the true meaning of Slapsgiving….er, Thanksgiving.




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