“What we do not deal with is self-deception”

-Martin Sheen in The Departed

“Welcome to Friday” he said through his rouged lips and yellowed teeth.  “Today is the portal to eternal bliss.  What befalls you this day shall henceforth be carried with you until the end of time.  This, of course, is when you awake two days hence. Your coffe shall be stale with the taste of a lost winter so chilled that no life may ever glimpse its desolate plain.  You’re Krispy Rice will snicker at you in maddening mockery of the life you chose to live and the Dora the Explorer infant bowl which remains to you the only clean dish from which to eat.  But this day.  Fryday.  The women will dance so seductively in time with the beats thumping in your stomach.  The men will bow to you, mustaches groomed without fault, black hair slicked back in an infinite grease-free shine.  The music will  move your soul and your feet.  The wine shall flow straight from the grapes to the leaves to our lips…”  He sat suddenly, with a flip of his coattails, and moved so fast that it seemed his feet were off of the ground before his posterior had found a place to settle- and so, just for a moment, he was weightless in the air, light enough to be carried off by a dream…

It’s actually Friday my friends.  And I am posting.  I can not remember for sure if both occasions have ever occurred at the same time, so this must be an occasion.

I want to talk a bout character.  Integrity is a thing that many people hold very dear to them, and some are very easy to forget.  Honesty is the most noble action of all, but who can be honest when feelings are at stake?  Who can be honest even when there is nothing at stake?  How many of you have lied to someone for absolutley no reason whatsoever?  I have.  But when we do this, does the degree of our untruth determine whether or not we are liars?  I would lie to someone to spare their feelings.  But would I lie to them to spare mine?  No, I don’t love you.  Yes, I think you look fat.  Yes, I am an alchoholic.  Yes, I like boys.  No, I don’t do drugs.  What lie is noble and what lie is dickish?  They say that it is one thing to lie to others but it is completely different to lie to yourself.  Kind of like a “fool me, shame on you.  Fool yourself… you’ll never really know, will you…”

So, who do you lie to?  Why do you lie?  But mostly, do you think you are a liar?


3 thoughts on ““What we do not deal with is self-deception”

  1. “…who can be honest when feelings are at stake?”
    I acknowledge the truth in this statement, but do you think it’s a conscious choice that we make, or an unavoidable and therefore subconscious fact?

  2. Yes, I am.

    People suck in general. I’m more than included in that. The thing is, once you acknowledge that fact, you can start to do something about it.

    This cultural “I’m a good person” self-denial thing is so weird.

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