Why do I always crave Chinese food when I can’t sleep?

Well, I’ve been awake since 5:34 AM or thereabouts, watching my clock glow towards 6 and deciding my time would be far more productively spent on Facebook then in bed. It doesn’t help that my body has decided that the Christmas week of holidays is the perfect time to get sick, so I’m now so stuffed-up that I can’t breathe lying down, and my throat is on fire. Joyful joyful holidays. I shouldn’t complain… I should be thankful, right? that my immune system was on hyper-drive during exams (or more likely, I was so stressed I simply blocked out the fact that I HAD an immune system) and so I have held off getting sick until I actually have time to be sick.

I’m not feeling too thankful. I’m feeling sore & tired & ridiculous.

So! Nothing like 6:48 AM to categorize a few thankfulness items. I present to you…


1. I bought things I didn’t need at Superstore, so I can return them and get $$$ back! Never mind the fact that this means I made a useless trip to that holiday hell-hole of a box store, and I will now have to return there for another withering experience with the endless customer service line.

2. I drank enough last weekend to tide me over for the next 3 weeks, which means I won’t be inclined to drink copious amounts over Christmas, which means money and time saved! We’ll ignore the dignity and fun that I threw up all Friday night and concentrate instead on the smashing impression I must have made on my fairly new significant other.

3. After visiting every independent shop and every chain-brand mall in my fair city, I’m still not done Christmas shopping! This means I get to venture back out into the fracas and experience the true Christmas spirit of crowds, chagrin, and consumerism.

Creeter-readers, if you have read until the end of this self-indulgent holiday grumble, I commend you for your patience (however, if you are so grumbly that you are feeling convicted by the aforelisted tirade of thanks, I am concerned for you.) I do love Christmas. I don’t love shopping or feeling any kind of sick. So, here’s wishing you a mall-free, hot-chocolate-and-rest-laden Christmas. Much love!

p.s. If anyone has cold Chinese leftovers, please send them over…


3 thoughts on “Why do I always crave Chinese food when I can’t sleep?

  1. You’re sick?! What a cruel Christmas gift. I was given that same gift years back, so you have my overly-understanding sympathies.

    And I have leftover Chinese food in my fridge, but I don’t think it would remain fresh while being shipped from California to Canada. Sorry.

    Happy Christmas!

  2. I just want to say…. This is my favorite WordPress blog. When I figure out how to subscribe to other people’s blogs… I am subscribing.

    Good luck trying to get well… I can’t tell you how many time this has happened to me. I’ve been washing my hands every five minutes since I got home from college trying to avoid having it happen again. And good luck avoiding the malls…. I’ve managed to stay away from them completely ^_^ Try homemade gifts… those are the best.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I’m sorry about the craziness of this holiday season. I really hope you’re doing fine and dandy now.


    P.S. I’m so happy you used the word “fracas” in this post.

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