The Creeters’ First Christmas

Last week, I drove by a house with some truly high-active lights. The flashing was enough to evoke a seizure. Seriously. It was a dazzling display of light-y goodness worthy of the Main Street Electrical Parade, and I loved it.

Last night, I took my dad and sister there so that they, too, could partake in the joy and craziness. When we got there, it was more amazing than I remembered. The lights were going, just as they were the first time I saw them, but there was a sign that I had not seen before. It read: Tune to 91.3 FM.



The family that lives there bought a radio frequency for the holidays and timed their lights to their own personal holiday soundtrack! I took a couple videos so that I could share it with you. The camera movement is a bit shakey (navigating backwards around people and whatnot), but you can get the general idea:

Happy Christmas, Creeter Readers

-Erincandescent light


2 thoughts on “The Creeters’ First Christmas

  1. That, my dear, is the greatest over-the-top Christmas decoration I have ever seen. I wish I could shake those people’s hands and congratulate them.

    And I love that without knowing about the radio tie-in the lights just seem to arbitrarily spazz out.

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