“It’s not like I believe in everlasting love”

-Laura Marling

My apologies to Jamie.

So when my brother and I go out to the bar, and end up talking to a person or group of people, it usually goes like this.

her”blah blah blah… so how long have you two been together?”

me”uh, us? nonono, he’s my brother.”

her”oh.  haha, I totally thought you two were together.”


her”you dont look like brothers”

me”oh, watch.  Hey Brad.  Smile.” (we both smile)

her”oh, yeah I see it now.  So which one of you is gay?”


her”okay.  that makes sense.  I thought he was.  So I just figured.”

me”yeah… no”

her”Well, I love your brother.  I think he’s hilarious”

me”yeah” (at some point I think it is a good idea to tell her she is gorgeous.  She says I am too,  which is completely unexpected.  She also tells me this after telling me she is not a lesbian, which she claimed to be earlier.  Well, not full-time anyway.  Then she and “the-friend-who-doesn’t -really-want-to-be-out-anyway-and-now-has-a-headache-so-they-have-to-leave” take off.)


2 thoughts on ““It’s not like I believe in everlasting love”

  1. Any girl who thinks you and your brother don’t look alike is way too dumb for you.

    Unless you WANT her to be dumb, of course.

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