If a wrestler can eschew politics and create philosophy, then what am I waiting for?

I’ve been absent for 2 weeks now, I realize, but I must confess that I haven’t really noticed… I’ve been ridiculously sick for two weeks now (two weeks and two days!), and the arrival of antibiotics into my system yesterday finally allowed me to remember that there are other things in life besides Kleenex, painkillers, juiceboxes, and congestion. Turns out I’ve spent my Christmas holidays cultivating both strep throat and a bacterial infection in my tonsils — big-kid tonsillitis without the perks of ice-cream and attractive interns with concern in their eyes. Now, two weeks and two days later, I’ve learned that  I can’t run on adrenaline forever: apparently extreme stress and extreme exhaustion are not the loyal life partners I thought they were. Eventually, they betray you and morph into something unfamiliar and unpleasant… à la tonsillitis.

This invalid (in all senses of the word) time has not been a complete waste, however. Yesterday, I migrated to le chum‘s house in an attempt to further spread the joy of my infirm state. There, I took full advantage of one of the great charms of being sick: people offering to read aloud to you. Le chum read to me soothingly from The economist (America, mon cher, what were you thinking? And what are you continuing to think??) and Plato.  Which made me start thinking about life and wonder and the problems of this world. Which in turn made me remember – this is a big wide world. As sick as I have been, there is political and economic and moral sickness like I cannot imagine infecting our world. But this is a brand new year. And whatever has happened limits in no way what is still possible in 2009.

Happy New Year, Creeter-reader! Be big, bold & brave this year. Make mistakes and try new things and above all else: make sure you take your vitamins.


3 thoughts on “If a wrestler can eschew politics and create philosophy, then what am I waiting for?

  1. Amen! I did the exact same thing, it’s hard to take it easy, when you want to just live as much as you can.

  2. Ewwww sickness. Maybe not the best way to start out the New Year…. Ugh.

    Yay for Plato! We read that last year in my philosophy class and I’m still amazed at how incredible smart that guy was…..

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