Mix Tape Tuesday – Songs I Like

Incredibly uncreative title, I know, but I’m busy watching Ghostbusters with my mom….so, uh, just deal with it. I’ll be back tomorrow for a long-overdue Wednesday post from yours truly.

Mix Tape Tuesday – Songs I Like

1. My Sharona – The Knack
2. Always in the Past – Tears for Fears
3. May This Be Love – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
4. Phantom Punch – Sondre Lerche
5. And Your Bird Can Sing – The Beatles
6. IV – Magnetic Fields
7. Time to Wander – John Kerruish
8. Outlaw Song – 16 Horsepower
9. Louie – Ida Maria
10. Hussy – Crystal Skull
11. I’ve Been Out Walking – Tim Buckley
12. Turtle Shoes – Bobby McFerrin
13. Two Sitting Ducks – Danielson

-Rachoose your own adventure


2 thoughts on “Mix Tape Tuesday – Songs I Like

  1. Hooray Mixtape Tuesday! I make a new playlist on playlist.com every Tuesday now with the songs, when I can find them…. I’m excited!!

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