“Nothing more depressing than being locked in a capsule watching a movie about people dying in a capsule.”

-Crow T. Robot

So, uh, my apologies for once again neglecting my Wednesday post. I sort of have an excuse, since I was lying on the couch all day with a cold and all thoughts of any responsibility were nowhere to be found.
I still have a cold, but now I’ve realized it’s Thursday. So here I am, late again, and overflowing with apologies.

Now on with the show.

But first, actually, I’m going to mention how much I love Stephin Merritt’s voice. From Magnetic Fields, The Gothic Archies, and Future Bible Heroes. I heart it. I heart it a real bad. Several of his songs (as both Magnetic Fields and Gothic Archies) were on The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

Okay, now on with the show.

Let’s see what the New Year has brought Rachel so far:
-Sickness! I was pretty miserable on January first, and the sad part is it had nothing to do with alcohol.
-Roommate! I need one now. My planned roommate is now staying in Texas, so I have to find another roommate fast, or else I can’t keep my apartment.
-Job! My store is the first company to go under in the new year. Closing sales start tomorrow, so I’ll have a job until everything’s sold. But I’ve been looking for another job for a while now, and still haven’t found anything.

But I’m not all gloom and doom, I had a really nice vacation before 2009. It was great seeing my sister and her family again. And going on a trip with my wonderful friends whom I hadn’t seen in a while. But now it’s back to worrying about school, work, and my living situation.

I just realized one of the songs on the last Mix Tape didn’t work (I still haven’t figured out why that happens), so here it is:
“Louie” – Ida Maria

Okay, now what was I talking about? Sorry for the ragtag nature of this post, I’m still kind of out of it.

Ghostbusters was a lot of fun, by the by. We watched both movies, because we’re cool like that. I miss Dan Aykroyd. And Harold Ramis. And Rick Moranis. And Bill Murray (though not so much Bill Murray because I can still see him in various Wes Anderson films).

Anyway….I’m off to take some more Robitussin and watch some Mystery Science Theater 3000.

-Rachillin’ like a villain


3 thoughts on ““Nothing more depressing than being locked in a capsule watching a movie about people dying in a capsule.”

  1. ah, Pete and Pete. Every time I think about that show (which happens more than one might think), I think about you.

    I’m sorry about the sickness, the roommate, and the job. I’m in a job-searching mode myself. I just e-mailed my resume to a job posting on Craigslist…so let’s hope that goes well.

    Glad you’re back (even though it’s Thursday).

  2. I have nothing but sympathy for you, fellow sickie! Take heart, modern drugs work modern miracles. I hope for a speedy recovery, and speedy successes on all other fronts.

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