More comedy is good, right?

I’m a horrible disappointment to you. I’m sorry. Another week has come and almost gone, and I have, once again, run out of time for a decent post. Perhaps I should try to write them ahead of time…

Anyway, I was making a mix cd at work (Yes, I AM getting paid to do that. Brilliant, right?), and there was a song by Englebert Humperdink. Which, of course reminded me of Eddie Izzard and his bit about Englebert Humperdink:

Eddie Izzard is amazing. Most of his stand-up is like a history lesson for comedy fans. After re-watching this clip, I thought about the last time I had seen it, and I remembered that it was the same night I watched the stand-up of Ricky Gervais. And this was my favourite part of that show:

And here’s something else that I love:

The movie that my sister and I were going to make last week was…postponed. Basically, she ditched me. Not that I’m bitter or anything (though I definitely am). Hopefully we can get it done this weekend…

I make a vow to have a regular, thought out, decent post next week.

-Erinternational superstar


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