Geometrical romances are the best.

Update since my pity-party post:
I’ve got a roommate! And she’s super neat. We watch MST3k, and make each other dinner, and laugh at the fact that the faceless man on my Paul Frank shirt (remember getting it at the thrift store, Ebo?) looks exactly like one of my English professors….if said English professor had no eyes, nose, and mouth, that is. Anyway, it kind of creeps me out now.

But, yes, I’m glad the living situation is working out.

School is looking to be very hectic but lots of fun this semester. Right now I’m reading C.S. Lewis’ Experiment in Criticism (boo!….It’s not that it isn’t good, it’s just that I’m so tired of reading theory right now. I can’t wait until we’re done with that and move on to his novels).
Also reading Light in August for another class. I remember liking it a lot in high school, but let’s see how fun it is when I have less than a week in which to read it. Also can’t wait until we get to Lolita, I’ve always wanted an excuse to read that. Now I not only have an excuse, but an academic compulsion.

Oh dear, I’ve turned this into a “Let’s see what Rachel is reading in school!” post, haven’t I? Not my intention. I apologize. Let’s get on to something else, shall we?

Not that we don’t have enough YouTube videos on here already, but I wanted to share the love with one of my favorite cartoon classics:

Isn’t that just ador.? (Because, for some reason, “adorable” is too lengthy a word.) The cartoon reminds me of Flatland. Best (and only) novel I ever read for a math class. Seriously, pick up the Dover Thrift edition at your local used bookstore. (Oh, Ebo, I miss Book Baron…)

Well, I guess it’s back to Faulkner. Until next time, my lovelies,


9 thoughts on “Geometrical romances are the best.

  1. Oh my goodness! The Dot and the Line absolutely just made my night. I feel joyful and uplifted after that beautiful experience.

    Although I kind of wish the Dot had liked the Line just for who he was.

    But then again, the Line got to find an entirely new aspect of his personality!

    Thanks for sharing, as always :-)

  2. I love learning what you’re reading! I started Lewis’ “The Problem of Pain” but then got distracted by Mclaren’s “A new kind of Christian” again. But anyways. Hurray for good roomates!

  3. Great news about the roommate! Congratulations. Sounds like you found a good one.

    I still wear that Paul Frank shirt all the time. The guy on the shirt kinda looks like Paul Frank, too (though the last time I saw him, he had only a mustache).

    And Book Baron! I was just talking to someone about that place the other day! Remember the record store right next to it?

    Basically I miss you out here in SoCal.

  4. Is that Lewis book from his day job? I’ve avoided all those works. Let me know when you get to his novels: I’m quite the fan.

    Meanwhile, I’ll just get back to being jealous of my aquaintaces who are studying in Oxford (and hanging out both at Lewis’ house and The Eagle and Child).

  5. The Bird and Baby! I have a menu from there, but I’ve never been. Would love to visit (and eat) there someday…

  6. Zephyricious: You’re welcome, as always!

    Sara: I read The Problem of Pain in high school. Not for school, just during, although it was recommended by my favorite teacher. Anyway, I’d love to read it again.

    Ebo: As far as I know the Record Baron is still there. I sincerely hope it is, too, because a lot of my vinyl collection is from there and I’ve got some fond memories. I miss you and the big CA, too.

    Jo: You’re awesome. This isn’t really a reply to your comment, you just are.

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