Who knew I had a “type”?

The other day, my sister asked which TV guys I would want to date. I didn’t answer right away, so she proceeded to answer for me by saying that she thinks I would date the following guys:

chuck bartowski

spencer-reednedspencer-shayShawn Spencer














(1) Chuck Bartowski from “Chuck” (2) Spencer Reed from “Criminal Minds” (3) Ned the Piemaker from “Pushing Daisies” (4) Spencer Shay from “iCarly” (5) Shawn Spencer from “Psych”



Now, besides the fact that three of them have “Spencer” as their first or last name, I was a little thrown off by my sister’s complete  accuracy. We talk about guys and dating very little, and yet, she knew my “type” so well: incredibly funny, slightly awkward, a bit nerdy, intelligent, and they all have a certain “look” – a look that I can’t really explain, but if you watched all five, you would notice something in their style that is very similar.

The only addition I would make to the list is:




 Josh Lyman from “The West Wing”








He doesn’t have the same “look” as the others, but he’s got this cocky arrogance that I’m so drawn to. There’s a scene in one episode where the First Lady (Abby) is talking to a woman (Amy) that Josh is/was dating:

Abby: How did you live with Josh Lyman?
Amy: I’m sorry?
Abby: How did you live with him? He beat Max out of the 12 million earmarked for vaccine education. And when I said I wanted the 12 million he said “So did I. And at the end of a prize-fight, you look at the guy who’s dancing around and that’s who won.” So I wanna know how you lived with him.
Amy: We never technically lived together which was the subject of many…
Abby: Don’t you wanna kill him when he says things like that?
Amy: My problem is I wanna jump him when he says things like that.

That’s kinda how I feel.

-Erinadvertantly consistent “type”

P.S. Who would YOU date?


8 thoughts on “Who knew I had a “type”?

  1. Pie Maker! He’s the only one I actually know from the list (besides Shawn Spencer, but I’m more of a Gus girl, myself). Anyway, I should probably see those other shows, because it seems we have the same type. Haha.

    As for Josh Lyman, I haven’t seen West Wing but I would so date Bradley Whitford’s character in Studio 60.

    I think you would love the 10th (current, though not for long) Doctor in Doctor Who. He’s played by the guy who was Barty Crouch, Jr. in the fourth Harry Potter movie:

  2. What happened to Jim Halpert from The Office??? Or is it more of just a John Krasinski thing with you? hmm….

  3. Oh yeah! You know, I missed ALL of last season and all of this season, so far, so I guess he’s just been off my mind…

    But I would definitely add Jim Halpert/John Krasinski. Good call there, Courtney.

  4. Larry, you look great in a “I’m so dead-sexy I’m going to eat your children” kind of way. One day when you get wraparound glasses and a slicked back neo-mullet THEN you’ll understand what true greatness is.

    PS: and sexy italian leather boots

  5. Those sunglasses ARE great, but there’s a certain point in the day when you leave the world of Bono and enter the world of Corey Hart. Does anyone remember what your eyes actually look like?

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