Mix Tape Tuesday – Late Edition

Sorry for the late Mix Tape.

Here is a playlist that I made for someone fairly recently. The tracks with asterisks next to them are songs that I remembered already being featured in a previous edition of Mix Tape Tuesday, and have, therefore, been replaced with a different song by the same artist. I apologize if I missed any and you end up with some sort of repeat. Just know that if that situation occurs, that song must be extra-special.

Mix Tape Tuesday – Late Edition

  1. Clap Your Hands! – Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah!
  2. Yarn and Glue – Joanna Newsom (Don’t get thrown off by her voice. Give her a chance. Eventually, you’ll just want to hug her and embrace her precious-ness.)
  3. *You Really Got a Hold On Me – She & Him
  4. If Looks Could Kill – Camera Obscura
  5. Bandits – Midlake
  6. *Elephant Gun – Beirut
  7. Sea of Love – Cat Power
  8. Son of Sam – Elliot Smith
  9. Naked As We Came – Iron & Wine
  10. Uh – Fujiya & Miyagi
  11. How Long – Mr. Airplane Man
  12. The Middle – Great Northern
  13. Autumn Sweater – Yo La Tengo
  14. Apres Mois – Regina Spektor
  15. Dear Catastrophe Waitress – Belle & Sebastian
  16. *Lucky – Radiohead
  17. Human Behavior – Bjork
  18. For the Damaged – Blonde Redhead
  19. Modern Moonlight – The Dresden Dolls
  20. Saint Simon – The Shins
  21. With Arms Outstretched – Rilo Kiley



4 thoughts on “Mix Tape Tuesday – Late Edition

  1. P.S. I’ll have you know I was planning on putting Fujiya & Miyagi’s “Uh” on a future playlist. So I guess we’re both incredibly awesome. High fives for us!

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