Is it the chicken and the egg time, are we just yolks?

Creeter readers! I’ve missed you, my fault, because I also missed my post. I actually had a post all planned out, just waiting for my mad Monday typing spree, and suddenly it was Thursday and no typing had occurred. And now suddenly it’s Tuesday and STILL no typing! I had planned to talk about local holidays and heroes and ingrained cultural opinions. But, seeing as I’m already 8 days late for this post, and 20 minutes late for the studying I’m supposed to be getting done, I’ll talk about chicken suits and ski trips instead.

It was our quasi-annual high-school group of friends quasi-reunion weekend ski trip. I was dreading it – my Reading Week had been incredibly frantic with work and visiting and attempted studying and feeling like no matter what I got done, there was always something more I should have been doing. Thursday night rolled around and I was physically exhausted and suddenly emotionally panicked, sure that the weekend would be a recurrence of my worst grade 10 nightmares, when my best friend found a new group of friends and I had to eat lunch in a bathroom stall because I had no one to sit with.

Instead, it was an incredible weekend… we didn’t do much of anything except ski six hours a day, then watch terrible movies, shotgun cheap beer, and eat fruit snacks for the remaining eighteen.

I spent most of my time skiing with my two friends, one of whom does not have a winter jacket, so he snowboards in a chicken suit. He had rented a chicken suit in grade 12, partly to promote his campaign for student council, mostly because he wanted to rent a chicken suit. However, he recently found a chicken suit on Ebay and bought it, because really, there are too many times in life made for a chicken suit for renting to suffice. So he now snowboards in a chicken suit (his goggles fit over the chicken face mask, though he says his eyes still get freezing cold).

It’s not for attention…
not to make a statement…
not for a dare.

He just snowboards in a chicken suit.

What would life be like if more of us did the same?

snowboarding chicken friend


8 thoughts on “Is it the chicken and the egg time, are we just yolks?

  1. Absolutely hysterical! and thought-provoking, too. I’m going to have to ponder this one and see if I can’t incorporate a link somehow.

    High school. I remember high school, and junior high. There was that time in study hall when I was punished by being made to stand in front of 200 classmates, up on a stage with gum on the end of my nose. A chicken suit would have been better.

  2. Well, thank you. A picture is worth a thousand words. I guess you don’t need a winter jacket when you have a chicken suit, after all.

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