Mix Tape Tuesday – 80s Obscurosity

Sorry for the tardiness, once again, my loves. Erin was right when she said it was a busy time last week. Well, here’s the promised Mix Tape of probably-won’t-hear-it-on-American-radio 80s songs. Some are B-sides, some are more famous in Britain, and others are just more popular with the non-pop crowd. Enjoy.

Mix Tape Tuesday – 80s Obscurosity

1. Cattle Call – Riders in the Sky. Ranger Doug, Woody Paul, and Too Slim. These guys are hilarious. And they’re cowboys! Haha. My dad is a big fan, so I grew up listening to several of their albums, and even saw them a few times at various music festivals. They did the music for “Woody’s Roundup” in Toy Story 2, by the by.
2. Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes – Paul Simon. My love. From one of the greatest albums of all time, Graceland. You might be familiar with another song from the album, “You Can Call Me Al,” which has a hilarious music video with Chevy Chase.
3. Lonely Avenue – Ian Gillan & Roger Glover. I discovered this song because of the movie Rain Man.
4. Baby Mine – Bonnie Raitt & Was (Not Was). This is from Stay Awake, an amazing collection of Disney covers. Most of the tracks are in medley form, with several songs, each sweeping into the next. My favorite on the album is probably Tom Waits’ unrecognizable (but insanely awesome) version of “Heigh Ho,” but I already have a Waits song on this mix tape.
5. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) – Talking Heads. Although this is the studio version, this song is one of my favorite segments on the Talking Heads’ concert movie, Stop Making Sense. It features David Byrne dancing with a lamp. Score. (“Love me till my heart stops, love me till I’m dead…”)
6. Badman’s Song – Tears for Fears. This, “Sowing the Seeds of Love,” and “Woman in Chains” are some of my favorite Tears for Fears songs of all time, and they’re all from the same 1989 album, The Seeds of Love. Seriously, though, listen to this track a few times and the genius of it will grow on you.
7. From the Air – Laurie Anderson. Oh, Laurie. I freaked my first roommate out with this song. Haha. And then her art professor played it in class and she was proud she recognized it. So, there you go, a little Laurie Anderson culturation never hurt anybody.
8. Lightning – Danny Elfman. From the album So-Lo. Post-Oingo Boingo, pre-Nightmare Before Christmas. Makes me shiver with flavor, shiver with flavor (I’ll say it twice).
9. Ambitious – Wire. From The Ideal Copy. Can we say post-punk love? I think we can.
10. Respectable Street – XTC. From Rag & Bone Buffet: Rare Cuts & Leftovers. So many great tracks on that album; if you enjoy XTC I suggest picking it up.
11. Tally Ho – The Clean. They’re from New Zealand! Huzzah!
12. The Tunnel of Love – Fun Boy Three. I adore their version of “Our Lips Are Sealed” (Terry Hall, of Fun Boy Three, actually wrote the song with Jane Wiedlin, of The Go-Gos, so it’s technically not a cover). Anyway, check out their songs “The More I See (The Less I Believe)” and “The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum)” also. Good stuff.
13. Plenty – The Woodentops. I heart these guys.
14. Trip Through Your Wires – U2. A B-side you might not have heard.
15. Heartattack and Vine – Tom Waits. From the album of the same name, his last album before changing music labels. This is the beginning of Tom Waits as I know and love him—growly and gritty, as opposed to his earlier sleazy lounge-singer sound.
16. The Real Sheila – Game Theory. From the extremely hard to find album Lolita Nation. Or, I guess I should say it’s not hard to find the album, it’s just hard to find it for less than $100. Seriously. Anyway, I just finished reading Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, the novel alluded to in this song and the album title. Fan-freaking-tastic. I am in awe of Nabokov’s pure literary genius. Seriously, go read the book right now (but be warned, it does have a very disturbing subject matter, and if you’ve ever seen the Stanley Kubrick film you know what I mean).
17. Watching the Hydroplanes – Tunnelvision. Don’t know much about this band, but I love the song. Kind of reminds me of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds circa 1987. Check out Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire (the German film City of Angels was based on) to see what I mean.
18. Fortune – Dead Can Dance. Yea, Dead Can Dance! I guess I could have put two songs of theirs on here, because the female singer is really awesome, too. Oh well.
19. Everyone is Good – The Roches. I’m not too familiar with any of The Roches regular songs, because I always listened to their Christmas album (I put a couple of theirs on the Mesh Christmas edition of Mix Tape Tuesday). But their crazy harmonies are worth hearing, so here’s one from their album Speak.


P.S. Would you rather download the Mix Tape in one zip file, or as individual tracks? I like the zip, because it saves you from having to go through and click on each song, but it does mean you have to go ahead and download all of them even if you just want a few tracks. What do you, the Creeter Readers, think?


One thought on “Mix Tape Tuesday – 80s Obscurosity

  1. I LOVE the zip file thing…I just can’t ever get that option when I’m making a playlist. If I could get that damn thing to work, I would be doing zip files left and right.

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