It’s the Second Week

It’s the second week of no-time-to-post for me. I missed my post for the first time last week, and I’m highly disappointed in myself. Not that this week is going to be much better because I have had very little sleep all week due to midterms and papers. Technically, Spring Break started for me at 3:45 this afternoon, but I am now so jetlagged from the trip to homeworkville, that i have no desire to think about a decent post. 

So instead, I would like to share my NEW FAVOURITE THING! with you all.

If you LOVE politics, this will be one of the greatest things you’ve ever watched, and if you HATE politics, you may actually change your mind…for a little while at least.

It is call “Prime Minister’s Questions.” It’s a verbal fight, and it’s amazing! I don’t have time to explain the entire British Parliamentary System to you all, but here is what you will need to know in order to fully appreciate the video:

  1. The Prime Minister is supreme. He is the leader of the majority party, and party loyalty is very important. Therefore, if he introduces new legislation, everyone in his party (the majority) will support it, and legislation can pass with a simple majority. 
  2. As a result, the minority party gets to pass no (almost literally) legislation. Because the minority party can’t pass legislation, their only real power is to keep the majority party in check.
  3. The Prime Minister’s Questions happen weekly and is broadcasted on public television (something equivalent to NBC) for all of the people in Britain to see.
  4. The chamber is set up to where the majority party sits opposite of the minority party. You will see the leader of the minority party stand up and present a question to the Prime Minister who will, in turn, respond to the question. 
  5. You will hear mutterings of “here here!” in the background, and you will see people stand up behind the speaker after they finish (this signals that they have something to say, and they are waiting to be recognized by the leadership).

Umm…I think that’s it…other than the fact that you will wish we had this in America, of course. If we did, we would know that our leaders really knew what was going on (because Damn! these people are well prepared), and we would always know where everyone stood on issues and who to blame when something goes wrong.

Anyway, enjoy!

Oh yeah…on the right side of the webpage will be a list of the videos. Please click on the March 18th video, and fast-forward to 3 minutes and 25 seconds in…so that you skip the boring stuff in the beginning and get right to the good stuff.

Prime Minister’s Questions

-Erin (no creative name this time)


2 thoughts on “It’s the Second Week

  1. I try and post twice a week, and just have gone through two weeks with only one post each, and no good excuse. The last one was rough. There’s nothing quite like lying in bed thinking, “That’s it. I have nothing more to say and no time to say it. I’ll never write another blog entry, and within two weeks hits to the archive will be down to zero and that will be it.”

    But of course it doesn’t happen that way. We find something, even if it’s just a Blogthings “What Vegetable Are You” quiz. I must say, the Prime Minister’s Questions is quite a cut above that!

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