Everything is everything/Damn procrastination

I put my almost Science degree to good use today and did some simple math only to realise that I have a mere 16 days of school left. 16 days (and 5 hours), and I will be dotting the final i and crossing the final t on my final exam, handing it in, and flying away south to live in blissful ignorance until my marks are tabulated. 16 more days of relentless studying, calculating, PowerPointing, presentating, eye-rolling, no-sleep-having, bad-food-eating, nail-biting, hand-cramping from exam-writing.

If you’re anything like me, there’s only so much of the above list that your brain can handle in one sitting. Thus, I have  compiled a Creeter List of Procrasination Stops to facilitate your personal journey through finals.

For the emotional moments :

Example: I will never get this paper done in time! My prof hates me! I am so tired I am fairly convinced that that houseplant in the corner hates me as well!


For the rage-filled moments :

Example: I will never get this paper done in time! I hate my “?”$%?/$%?”$ prof and this %”?$%?/$$#*##”/$% paper!!!!


For the “Hey, there’s stupider people than me out there!” moments :

Example: WHY did I leave this paper until the night before it’s due? Is there anyone stupider than me out there?!

Aaaaaaaand… for the completely brainless moments :


Happy studying, Creeter-readers.


One thought on “Everything is everything/Damn procrastination

  1. Those are all fantastic ways to procrastinate! You already know I’m a big fan of Flight of the Conchords (New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk parody duo), but I absolutely love that Family Guy scene. Oh Christian Bale, why must you be so angry these days?

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