Mix Tape Tuesday – Yah, Mon

It’s technically still Tuesday here on the west coast, so that means I still have time to get the Mix Tape in before Tuesday becomes Wednesday.

My friend, Claire (Kelsey’s friend, Claire? A girl named Claire from Kelsey’s Girl Scout Troop that I also like to hang out with? (Kelsey and I have never really had a mutual friend before)) went to a Dirty Heads show, and it put me in the Reggae-Rock-Ska-mix mood. 

 Mix Tape Tuesday – Yah, Mon

Here’s the playlist. It was originally grouped by artist, but it got mixed up in the upload process, and I don’t have time to fix it, sorry.

  1. Antelope – Dirty Heads
  2. Bring Me Along – Dirty Heads
  3. Welcome to Jamrock – Damien Marley
  4. Sails to the Wind – Dirty Heads
  5. State of Mind – Dirty Heads
  6. Gimme the Mic – Dirty Heads
  7. Road to Zion – Damien Marley
  8. Loving Arms (acoustic) – Pepper
  9. Caress Me Down – Sublime
  10. Closer to the Sun – Slightly Stoopid
  11. I’ve Seen Better Days – Sublime
  12. Jedi – Slightly Stoopid
  13. Mi Blenda – Damien Marley
  14. Tradewinds – Pepper
  15. Santeria – Sublime
  16. Sensimilla – Slightly Stoopid
  17. Stand Tall – Dirty Heads
  18. Summertime – Sublime
  19. What I Got – Sublime

 Have a great night!



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