Themes are for the cool people

My parents are in Vegas this week, which means my sister and I are on our own – thank goodness. When my mom told us, my sister said that we should throw a party, to which I added that I would buy the alcohol. The expression on my mom’s face reminded me that our humor is often lost on her.

In light of our aloneness, I decided to make this week as fun as possible, so we have been doing themed nights:

  1. SUNDAY – Comedy – Borat in the afternoon and Ghost Town at night. Jamie came over for the evening romantic comedy portion. We wore pink, red, and purple, and decorated the living room with heart cut-outs.
  2. MONDAY – Sci-Fi – The Day the Earth Stood Still (new) – For this, we cut out little green men and put them up. They were very cute, I promise. 
  3. TUESDAY – Nothing. Unfortunately, I have school from 9:30am to 10:00pm, so there was really no time for a movie on Tuesday.
  4. WEDNESDAY – Lost – Yes, not technically a movie, but we couldn’t miss out on one of the best shows! We did still decorate, however, with a few palm tree cut-outs and “LOST”  letters spread across the top of the television.
  5. THURSDAY -Horror Night (lovingly referred to as “Whore Night,” because that’s how it sounds every time I say it). –  Funny Games and Hostel. – For this, our decorations consist of bats and a cut-out of a slutty pirate from Kelsey’s Halloween Costume bag. She’s our whore, in case you didn’t catch that. Her name is Candi.
  6. FRIDAY – Out on the Town – We will be seeing a movie in theaters (which one, I don’t know) and then we will be going out to dine.

Anyhow, that’s how my week has been going. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Have a wonderful week, Creeter Readers.

-Erin (I’m really not doing well with the creative names these days.)


2 thoughts on “Themes are for the cool people

  1. I so wish I could be there to join in the festivities. I love that you have theme parties with your sister. That’s something Sean and I would do…except we’d both be too lazy to actually make any cutout decorations.

  2. Man alive, I am beyond jealous at all this movie-watching and fun-having! My excitement this week was FINALLY finishing all my assignments (one presentation and one paper left… in 3 hours, they shall both be done!!) and getting to start studying for finals, which incidentally, start on Monday at 9AM. Woot!
    Fun it up for me!

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