Leaving for  a Girl Scout weekend tomorrow. Packing tonight. Printing stuff tonight. Doing laundry tonight. Figuring out what homework to bring. Wondering if I should even bring homework at all. Thinking too much about homework. Making a list of things I have to pick up before leaving. Feeling tired. Watching a kickin’ sci-fi episode of CSI. Thinking about my CSI-themed speech today. Contemplating cleaning the living room. Contemplating the repercussions of not cleaning the living room. Wondering if I have enough charge in my battery. Wondering if I would remember to get my battery if I took it out to charge. Deciding not to charge and hope for the best. Feeling sad that when I clean, I’ll have to take down the amalgamation of decorations from our movie week that we piled around the TV. Wondering if I am packing enough warm clothing. Thinking about how hot it’s going to be during the day. Hating the heat. Hating having to pack for hot days and cold nights. Hating my heavy bag. Loving the fact that I have an air mattress. Feeling sorry that Kelsey doesn’t have one. Getting over feeling sorry. Dreading sleeping in a tent. Dreading no showers for the weekend. Singing camp songs in my head now. Thinking about how much I love the aardvark song. Thinking about aardvarks. Thinking about what a weird word that is. Thinking about how weird most words are. Thinking about the word fork. Thinking about Jamie’s three-pronged forks. Thinking about Jamie. Feeling excited that Jamie will be there this weekend. Missing Jamie. Realizing that I need to stop writing and continue my productive behavior. Saying goodbye.


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