Everything’s Archie

Welcome to another Wednesday at The Rum Creeters.

I’ve noticed within the last couple years that the grocery stores aren’t selling Archie digests at the checkout stands anymore. It makes me quite sad, actually. I love looking through them and seeing the various fashion trends of Betty and Veronica over the decades.

Want to know the latest Riverdale gossip? Of course you do. Who doesn’t want to know about Archie and the gang?

Whilst looking for a picture of Betty Cooper to use as my new Facebook profile picture, I stumbled upon this upcoming issue:


I think that is the saddest thing in the world. Of course I’m being cheeky….but I’m also kind of serious. I wonder if it’s a “let’s have them almost get married but everything goes hilariously wrong and then we’re back to the Betty or Veronica dilemma,” or if it’s a “we just want to get this comic over with because no one cares anymore” kind of deal. Most likely the former, of course. Either way, one look at Betty in that picture and I want to give her a hug.

Everyone knows Archie would be better off with Betty. Even Veronica knows it. Even Archie knows it. But the truth is, Betty would be much better off without Archie. He’s a schmuck. I guess Betty is just too comfortable being a martyr in her relationships. Her best friend is Veronica Lodge, for crying out loud.

I guess I just made this post to say this: as much good clean fun as these comics are, there’s something deeply tragic about them. But, man, do those girls know how to wear beautiful clothes. My favorites are from the 1940s-70s, but I love them all.

archies band
bnv 02


2 thoughts on “Everything’s Archie

  1. WHAT?!? Archie’s marrying Veronica?!

    That’s tragic. It would be the end of Archie comics as we know it!

    And I must mourn for poor Betty. She’s the best, of course.

  2. Archies comics are not only my childhood, but my family, roadtrips, summer camp, and the only good (note: pleasant) reason to stay in the bathroom for a really long time. Somewhere after the year 2000, though, the comics team took a drastic turn for the worse. I guess looking at the kids nowadays and what Archie comics have to try and relate to, it’s not too big of a surprise, but still… there’s just no beating the original, old-school Archies.

    Marriage? That’s missing the whole point! That defeats the whole purpose of Archie!

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