Belated and whatnot

Happy Independence Day!

To semi-quote Sara: It’s [Saturday]. But somewhere in the world, it has to be [Thursday] still. And if not, then somewhere, it used to be [Thursday]. So, basically what I’m saying is that I’m not actually posting [two days] late (read: [a few weeks late]). Somewhere, somehow, I’m still right on time.

Anyhow, one of my favourite things ever is Improv Shmimprov at the Maverick Theater in Fullerton, CA. Two Fridays ago, I took Kelsey and our friend Claire to see it for THE FIRST TIME! A lot of it’s pretty inappropriate, so I had to wait till I thought she was ready. I’ve been waiting years. Seriously. Guess what?…she got chosen to be the applause-o-meter for the end of the show!!! Such a proud moment for me. Wanna see videos of her doing it? Of course you do!

So if you’re in Southern California, GO SEE IMPROV SHMIMPROV! It’s fantastic.

Here are some quick “I’m going to Shmimprov for the first time” tips:

  1. Don’t make any sexual suggestions. The cleaner theme is always funnier.
  2. Roll the dice when you arrive to determine what you pay ($0-$9). If you don’t, you’re boring.
  3. Volunteer your friends for stuff.
  4. Cheer loudly.
  5. Have fun!

Have a great Independence Day!



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