I think about you in the summertime/I’m sittin’ here in the sun with you on my mind…

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is good. Except for the fact that my perfume and the laundry soap used by the hospital to clean my lab coat have combined to make me smell like the walking ramp in our football stadium. Really? Is that really necessary on a Monday morning?

Besides smelling like a walking football stadium, the living is good. Especially on the weekends. For the first time in my life, I am part of this phenomenon called “full time work with regular hours.” For a gal accustomed to shift work and student life, the concept of “weekends” is about as meaningful and predictable as the concept of “enough sleep” or “a healthy balanced diet” – something that you know is probably a nice idea, but has no realistic bearing in your life. Now, however, in this strange new world of working the same 8 hours every day, Monday to Friday, weekends are suddenly, consistently days that are actually, legitimately off. In a way, it’s absolutely wonderful to know that every week I will have 2 full days off. In another way, it’s a little disappointing to only have 2 full days off every week. There’s no deciding to skip work the way I could skip lectures, no getting the tests I was supposed to finish off of someone else if I’m not there, no heading home in the middle of the day and just deciding not to go back for that last class. Student life offered unpredictable hours, but sometimes the unpredictability lent to its charm… and suckered me into thinking I had more free time than I actually did.

On a less whiney note: I leave for camp in 4½ days! I’m working overtime all summer to bank enough time to take a week off work to go volunteer at my camp. I think that’s another reason I’m feeling a little bit work-resentful this summer – summer is for working at camp, outside, being surrounded by campers and canoes and bonfires and lakes, not working in a lab, inside, surrounded by offices and labware and paperwork and articles.

4½ days. And then 2 weeks of not hearing from me, creeter readers! So until we meet again –

 Happy summertime!


2 thoughts on “I think about you in the summertime/I’m sittin’ here in the sun with you on my mind…

  1. Have fun at camp! And remember – the difference between student life and that lab is the reason some of us run our own businesses! I may work 50 or 60 hours a week rather than 40, but I get to set and rearrange those hours!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the shift from university life to 9-to-5 work life.
    I am super fond of leaving work at work, but I get so bored with doing the same thing hour upon hour every day.

    I bet you’re super sexy in your lab coat. Even with the essence of football stadium.

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