A Wednesday Review, Just For You

I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday, and have been really sick all day today, but for a few glorious hours late last night/early this morning I was miraculously well enough to watch and enjoy the latest Harry Potter movie. Yea ibuprofen! Too bad I threw it all up not too long afterward.

Anyway. I encourage anyone who has at least a vague interest in the Harry Potter books or films to see Half-Blood Prince. Although there were a few things I wish they would have done differently, overall I thought it was bloody fantastic. It’s one of my favorite film adaptations of the series. Keep in mind that it’s setting up for Deathly Hallows, though, so don’t expect much closure.

I’m not going to give any specifics about what I liked/didn’t like right now, partly because I don’t want to give spoilers and partly because I still don’t feel well and want to get this post over with. I will say this, however: Daniel Radcliffe played the Felix Felicis part perfectly. It kinda makes me wonder if maybe the Doctor is on that stuff all the time…



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