You Know How I Hate Spoilers…

…so if you do too, don’t read on.


Erin and Kelsey at Harry Potter

Anyhow, I was going to post this on Thursday, but I left on Thursday at the early hour of 6am for a weekend trip with my Girl Scouts to Lake Tahoe (more on that to come later).

I, like Ruh-chel, was sick on the night of the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and I too managed to be well for the few glorious hours of the movie. Kelsey and I donned our Harry Potter shirts (hers, a v-neck with an image of Harry on the bottom, and mine, a t-shirt with the wanted poster for Bellatrix Lestrange on it (because who doesn’t think that she’s a great character, not to mention how awesome I think Helena Bonham Carter is)) and scars on our foreheads.

Our friends were in the theater across the way and one of them brought their little brother. He dressed like Harry, took pictures with people, offered to duel anyone in a Slytherin shirt, and called anyone with red hair a Weasley.

In our theater, there was a duel up front before the movie started. Oddly enough, the girl in the duel was wearing a “Team Edward” shirt. I heard someone call her on it, and she said, “Well I don’t have a Harry Potter shirt.” Apparently, not having a Harry Potter shirt means that she doesn’t have any other shirt besides a Twilight shirt. She did get a bit of her come-uppins though when the Twilight preview came on and almost the entire theater started to boo. Take that, vampires! But I digress.

All in all, the movie was brilliant!! You must see it! Definitely one of my favourite adaptations as well. Here is a brief summary of my loves and disloves of the movie…

Again. I repeat.





  1. The whole Felix Felices scene. Who knew Daniel Radcliffe had such amazing comedic timing? I sure didn’t!
  2. Ron, Fred, and George Weasley. I just love them.
  3. The greenish grey tint on the film. It gave so much of the film a very unique look that was perfectly fitting for the story.
  4. The casting for Slughorn. Spectacular Spectacular choice.
  5. The memories and the new and improved pensieve…on the desk where it belongs.
  6. Tom Felton’s performance as Draco Malfoy. He portrayed the emotional hardships extremely well.
  7. The love stories between Ron and Hermione and Harry and Ginny. Great choice for Lavender Brown! Oh, Won Won.
  8. My favourite part overall was the way they portrayed Snape’s role in everything. He’s one of the best characters ever written, in my opinion, and I love him! I like that in the end, when Dumbledore is killed, he looks sad and remorseful. But I think that if I didn’t know that he ends up good in the ultimate end, I wouldn’t have seen that. And that, my friends, is brilliant acting by the very talented and oddly attractive Alan Rickman.


  1. They burned down the Burrow! I’m sure it’s just a set up for having to remove the wedding scene from the 7th movie, but still…it’s the Burrow!
  2. The kissing scene between Harry and Ginny was lacking…and the weirdly awkward or awkwardly weird I’m-Ginny-and-I’m-in-a-bathrobe-so-let-me-bend-down-and-tie-your-shoe-Harry-cause-I-like-you scene.
  3. There’s no battle at Hogwarts! They kill Dumbledore and then just leave and get away with it! No resistance! Utter rubbish.
  4. There was no real exploration into horcruxes. In the book, it was such a long scene. Harry needed to understand the importance of the horcruxes and what they meant to Voldemort. And to be more specific, Dumbledore didn’t talk about how important that cave was to Voldemort. How the hell is Harry supposed to find and destroy the rest of the horcruxes on his own without understanding who Voldemort is?! It’s so integral to the story and it was left out for some reason that’s beyond me. Ugh. So frustrated!
  5. And…of course…NO FUNERAL FOR DUMBLEDORE!!!! Lame and highly upsetting.

So YAY, HARRY POTTER! I love you.

-Erinvisibility Cloak
-Erinanimatus Conjurus


3 thoughts on “You Know How I Hate Spoilers…

  1. This comment also contains **MASSIVE SPOILERS**, so read with caution and blah-dee-blah.

    I love the same parts! And was annoyed by the same disloves, although most of those have been forgiven the more I think about it. Except the awkward Ginny scenes, those are just unforgivable. Haha. Seriously, though, the Ginny and Harry in the Room of Requirement bit really bugged me. It seemed so out of place coming directly after the Sectum Sempra with Malfoy. I like the way their romance develops much better in the book.

    As for the Burrow scene, that did seem a little odd to me at first, but I was okay with it as soon as I saw Molly’s face. Because with all they had to cut out of the exposition and everything, I think the audience needed a scene that showed how afraid Molly was for her family, and that she had a right to be.

    I was also very disappointed about the lack of a Hogwarts battle at the end, because I love me some Fightin’ Neville and McGonagall. The more I think about it, though,the more I think (hope) they wanted to tone down the end of this one because Deathly Hallows is gonna be epic upon epic. I also think they didn’t want to undercut the impact of Dumbledore’s death, by making the focus on the professors and students fighting with Death Eaters.

    One thing that bugged me that you didn’t mention was the lack of explanation surrounding Fenrir Greyback. I saw a brief Wanted poster with his name on it, but didn’t make the connection between that and the guy they kept showing, so I didn’t even realize it was him until the end. I think they lost a lot of creep-factor by not explaning that he was a werewolf, rather than some random Death Eater. And since they added that running-in-the-field/burn-down-the-Burrow scene, I wish they would have had some kind of confrontation between Fenrir and Remus. Because that also gives the character much more weight when you realize this is the guy that bit Lupin. And that he’s gained a taste for flesh even when he’s human. Ugh, he’s creepstown.

    Anyway. I’m seriously hoping they will bring some of those things out in Deathly Hallows, since they’re taking the time to make two movies. I looked over the cast list for Deathly Hallows, for some clues over what storylines they might include, and it has Bill and Fleur! And Rufus Scrimgeor. And Percy! So maybe they’ll be able to retroactively mention these missing plotlines.

    All right. **SPOILERS OVER**

    Yea Harry Potter! Haha.

    Rachel Weasley (I can dream, can’t I?)


    (Those spoiler warnings are kind of fun to do, actually.)

    Anyway. I saw the movie with two girls who’ve never read the books (and one hasn’t even seen the fifth movie yet), which was a lot of fun! Neither of them knew about Dumbledore’s death, and on the way home they got into an argument with each other over whether or not Snape is evil. I loved it! It was exactly the same argument I had with people when the book came out. (I was a staunch Snape supporter, by the by.)

    And if Rowling made him evil, I would have seriously reconsidered my love for the books. Not just because I love Alan Rickman (though I do), but because I thought it was brilliant for Rowling to have a character that Harry constantly mistrusted, and was constantly proven wrong about. And I also thought it a wonderful point for Rowling to make, that things aren’t always black and white–that someone can be a “good” person and still be a very unpleasant person.

    I really want to see HBP again (at a decent hour, this time, and without the sickness) to see how I feel about it the second time around.


    P.S. I really miss being in CA for midnight showings. Podunk, AR is really boring when it comes to that sort of thing. There was no line-waiting, no dressing up, no impromptu duels. Boo.

    (Sorry for all the comments. But really I’m not.)

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