Mix Tape Tuesday – WRock Your Socks Off

I know it’s a bit late for Mix Tape Tuesday, but it wouldn’t be Rum Creeters if it weren’t.

In light of the latest Harry Potter movie, and half of the Creeters’ love for it, I’m making this Mix Tape another Playlist.com playlist: Wizard Rock style.

You may not be aware, but there are over 500 bands dedicated to writing songs inspired by J.K. Rowling’s books. It all started with Harry & the Potters, these two brothers who created a garage band based on the premise that Harry Year 5 and Harry Year 7 got together and formed a rock band. Awesome and hilarious premise, if you ask me. And then these brothers started getting booked to play at libraries across the country. No joke.

I remember stumbling across their website several years ago, and downloading a few great tunes. But it’s been a while since I last checked up on them. I’m happy to see they’re still going. The best part is, the DeGeorge brothers (Harry & the Potters) didn’t stop at creating their own subgenre of rock music—they used their powers for the force of good. They started the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club, proceeds of which go to various literacy-based non-profit organizations (they’ve raised more than $25,000 so far). They also co-founded the Harry Potter Alliance in an effort to inspire “social activism based around themes from the books,” and urging people to respond to the real-world Dark Arts with love.

Anyway, most of the Wizard Rock bands I’ve heard aren’t that great. I mean, they’re the garagiest sort of garage bands, and occasionally take lo-fi to new levels. But most of the time their lyrics are extremely amusing (if you’re familiar with the books, of course). Also, as is the case with Harry & the Potters, there’s often an earnestnest in the unprofessional voices that lends to the charm of WRock. What are the odds Harry would be a good singer, anyway?

So on to the magical tunes. I tried to keep it to songs that don’t reveal stuff from books six and seven, but some of them I liked so much I put them on there anyway. So the usual spoiler warnings, I guess, although if you’re familiar enough with Harry Potter to enjoy these songs, I’m betting you’ve already read the books.

Voldemort can’t stop the rock!

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P.S. SyFy (stupid new name for SciFi Channel) plays Mork & Mindy late at night now! Seriously!


One thought on “Mix Tape Tuesday – WRock Your Socks Off

  1. Oh goodness…so many things to say about this!

    1. I remember when you first told me about Harry and the Potters so many years ago. Brilliant! I LOVE wizard rock. But you’re right…definitely the garagiest of garage bands.

    2. I had no idea about the Harry Potter Alliance…and I am definitely gonna stay up to date on that. So thanks.

    3. Yeah! SyFy? What the hell is up with that?! I just saw that name change for the first time a week ago and I was shocked. Shocked! And yes. I actually watched an episode of Mork and Mindy last night before X-Files. Great stuff.

    Thanks for the playlist!

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