Where’s the closest bar?

So…Cal State applications for Spring 2010 can be sent beginning August 1st.

My application is almost complete, so I went onto the website today to finish it only to find out that, due to budget cuts, they will not be accepting ANY applications for Spring 2010.

I think I might cry.

I need a drink.


7 thoughts on “Where’s the closest bar?

  1. Oh, my gosh. I’ve been tracking some of the problems in Cali but it never occurred to me something like this could happen.

    Take a deep breath. Have that drink. You can look for options later. At least they didn’t accept you and then send an email two days before the session started saying, “Oh, whoops….”

  2. Good point! That would be a much worse situation…

    Update on my mood:

    I went to a bar with my dad (where a cool loungeish singer sang like Tom Jones and where little old ladies all gathered on a dance floor and did the twist – for real) and had a drink…and then I went to one of my favourite things ever: Improv Shmimprov, where I had a drink and laughed harder than I’ve laughed in a while.

    Good medicine.

    Time to make an appointment with the school counselor.

  3. Wow… it’s like they made the world stop for a year. Thats hundreds of thousands of first time students who have to put their life on hold. Geez.

  4. But hey! You don’t need a college degree to dig ditches! [/sarcasm][/paraphrasethegovernor]

    Because we want to force everyone down to that level.

    And I can think of a few other programs to cut money to rather than the schools…

    Grr on your behalf.

  5. Ack, oh Erin, I’m so sorry. I completely appreciate your frustration and wish I could do something more helpful to relieve it… all I can do is send both a triple-shot and a hug through cyberspace.

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