Everyday’s a Saturday…

Happy August Long, creeters.

Do they have August Long in les États-unis? If not, more’s the pity. As you read this, I am at le chum’s grandparents’ cabin, with (evidently) le chum and le chum’s grandparents, possibly lounging on a sailboat or lazing about the lodge…

Just wanted to let you all know I hadn’t forgotten about you. Here’s to writing posts in advance and having the computer worry about posting them on time! (Dang, see how much I love you all?)

See you next week!


4 thoughts on “Everyday’s a Saturday…

  1. I don’t know what August Long is, but I want one. So, no, we don’t have it in les États-unis, unfortunately. Have plenty of fun with your lazing about and such!

  2. Is this perhaps like August in Paris, that time when the French flee to the countryside, abandoning their city to the hordes of tourists who look at one another and say (1) Where is everyone? (2) It’s hot (3) How do you say Where is everyone in French?

    Whatever – if you’ve got a lodge and a sailboat, it’s all good!

  3. Really? No August Long chez vous? Normally I’m working at camp all summer, so I don’t even notice it, but being a working stiff this summer has taught me to love and cherish each and every long weekend. My wknd was successfully spent canoeing at dusk, hiking up hill and down dale, scaling cliffs, swimming through rapids, and jibbing my little heart out on a sailboat. Oh, and thinking of my dear creeters, of course. :)

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