Crowned Tails and Swimming Dogs

or : “Fool me twice…”

Part 2:

Somehow my empathetic nature lead me to not only save my sweet lady-betta but, along with the help of Jenni, save several other sad and lonely fishes of all sorts.  Including, ironically, Günter.  It happened so quickly that i am still puzzled over the whole thing.  We made sure that all of the fish were compatable: Mollies, Tertras, Chichlids… it was a shoo-in for a “helping hands” “diversity exists in the ocean – and in our hearts” poster.  All was supposed to go well…  Until Günter got made a bitch of.

Aparently not all dalmations have four legs.  Pongo, the dalmation molly, had set his sights on alpha.  And there was no backing down.  twenty minutes later my fish tank had turned into an episode of “As the World Turns”.  Stella, the female betta was getting fed up with Günter’s unrelenting abuse.  Pongo, unsure about his feelings about the bi-racial love he had developed for her in a short 28 seconds felt compelled to protect and defend her, while still being weary of her free spirit.  Huey, Duey, and Louie , the three neon tetras, all crowded around a glow in the dark rubber plant.  While Liley, their awkward asian step-sister floated close, but not too close listening to them talk about her over their shoulders.  All the while, Uncle Tom, the token minority kept mostly to himself.  No one went near him, except by accident.  [Additional commentary cencored]

finally it came down to it.  Pongo literally had Günter pinned down in a corner nipping at his dorsal anytime he attempted to break away.  The scene from Cool Hand Luke – where Dragline and luke have the boxing match and Drag line beats the living crap out of Luke but he keeps getting up anyway – was imminent.  Except Günter, being Luke, would get up to show that he was tough and was some how the hero, and Pongo would have eaten his eyeball.  Movie lessons are not true lessons – this is real life – fish eat fish.  I had come to the conclusion that Günter was getting his just desserts.  Hard but honest.  Big fish in a little pond.  Bitch in the tank.

He now resides in the plastic bowl from which he came.  Sad and lonely.  Jenni gave me a bowl that she is not currently using to set him in permanently.  He seems to me the type that is happier in his bittersweet lonliness.  He reminds Jenni of me.

Apologies for the second post in two days.  I don’t see that being a blog-hog goes against all that tyhe rum creeters stand for… but i may be wrong.  I figured that after reading the last post, you would be so enthralled in their story, you wouldn’t be able to wait for an update.  So there it is.  Tragedy, loss, heartbreak, true love that can never be, and a healthy dose of racism to even things out.  Pics to follow.

UPDATE:  Apart from Huey, Duey and Louie, there existed in my tank a fourth neon tetra.  He went without a name for a good 24 hours.  Unfortunately, in this cruel society, without a name, you are nothing.  And so, true to form, he parished during the night.  I awoke to find him floating at the surface, blank stare in his eyes, heart missing from his chest.

UPDATE #2:  Unable to bear the loss of whats-his-face, Louie decided to take his own life today sometime between the hours of 8AM and… 9PM…


2 thoughts on “Crowned Tails and Swimming Dogs

  1. What an exciting tale!

    I’m sorry to hear about the losses you have experienced recently. Betta fish are always trouble makers. They have to be alone in their own space, or things go terribly wrong.

    P.S. I think that naming your minority fish Uncle Tom was a real stroke of genius. Bravo.

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