Home, Sweet, Huh?

Or: ” ‘I cursed myself at being surprised’ ” – Death Cab for Cutie

I look forward to my post every week.  I have even sat down to write it out.  I have started and then trailed off.  I have stared at the screen, the keyboard, waiting for either or both to tell me what to write.  Mostly I just feel like an intruder at this point.  Peeking my head into a balloon, popping it from the inside out.

I bought a set of fish.  Two crowntail bettas.  One male, light tan with blue tips on his fins and mane (?).  The female is half his size.  They do not grow as big, you know.  She is a rich burgundy and purple.  They shared a one gallon tank for a little over twenty-four hours before I had to take her out.  When I got home from work she was cowering in the back bottom corner of the tank; right where she was when I left this morning.  I dropped in a few pellets of food to see if that would encourage her to stick up fpr herself.  She actually moved… she swam out and grabbed one.  The male saw this and immediately puffed out and chased her around the glow-in-the-dark rubber plant Jenni had added to the tank.  Once she was settled back in her “propper” place, according to him, he circled over her a few times, then took back to full reign over the black and scattered flourescent pebbles that act as ground cover.  She looked terrified.  Bettas are aparently very smart fish.  They recognize people.  You can teach them tricks.  And they like their own space…

I took her out and set her in the plastic bowl that she had come in.  This just wont do.  Tomorrow I am going to go back to PetCo to get her her own tank.  No creature should have to live in fear.  She has eaten since.  She swims around her little bowl, more confined and less decorated, but, im sure, feeling the relief of freedom nonetheless.  I set her plastic bowl on my desk next to the tank.  The male Betta could see her through the glass and began pounding his nose at it to get to her.  Poor kid.  I think I may name the male Günter.  I haven’t decided for sure yet.  As for the female, I’m still in the dark with ideas.  Suggestions welcome.


One thought on “Home, Sweet, Huh?

  1. I’ve been meaning to comment on this since you first posted it. But I’m me, and I don’t do things I mean to do.

    I look forward to your post every week, too. Intruder you’re not. (God, that sounds so awfully Yoda.)

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