Toasty Posty! (And only a little burnt)

Last week I was so excited about getting Mix Tape Tuesday done on time that I completely forgot about my Wednesday post.

Go me!

I’ve been (sort of) working on my applications for grad schools. With my grades and my writer’s block, I don’t have very high hopes. So I’m going to throw my hands in the air (even though I really do care) and bake some brownies. Dark chocolate ones. Oh, antioxidants, you’re so yummy!

Good news: I’ve started a new story. It’s been a while since I’ve come up with something completely new, and I’m trying to get myself back into the habit of writing for writing’s sake. Because I’m not going to get any better if I just wait around until a good idea comes to me. So now I’m writing down all my bad ones, too. Huzzah!

So here’s the bad idea I’ve been working on lately:

She was the kind of girl who sipped marzipan lattes and swigged Scotch. Her favorite band was Joy Division, for reasons unknown, and she’d tell you her favorite movie was Casablanca, though it was 16 Candles. She preferred men with beards, but she only dated clean-shaven. And she was one cigarette away from quitting her job.

She took a drag.

That’s how I start most of my stories, actually. This “type of person” part doesn’t usually make it into the final cut, it’s just to get me acquainted with the character, so to speak, but I kind of like this one. Kind of.

And that’s what I’ve been up to, my sweets. I miss you Creeter Readers. And I miss you Creeters, too. We’re the rummiest kind there is!

R to the achel


6 thoughts on “Toasty Posty! (And only a little burnt)

  1. I kind of like it, too. By ‘it’ I mean both the brownies & the story intro. Yes, I know it doesn’t agree, but a little dissension never hurt nobody!

  2. I like that we are lazy writers trying to just, damn, WRITE! We must mutually support each other. We must!
    I’m loving the marzipan latte. Is she supposed to be kind of bitchy? I’m getting that nit-picky vibe. Doe she have a venereal disease? Oooh. I hope this turns into a short story that involves a bouncy house. And pot brownies. Please tell me she is not based on you (!!!).

  3. Can’t get my mind around marzipan lattes, but one cigarette away from quitting a job resonates. She sounds like all (somebody else’s) style and truly weird substance. I’d come back for more.

    Good for you, to start writing again – I’ve got so much real life piled up around me it’s tough to keep plowing ahead, but plowing we are. The fun stuff’s still in the files, waiting… including a truly obnoxious rejection of Dylan Thomas, whom I presently hate for all kinds of complex reasons.

    Gosh, it’s good to be back here – I miss it when I can’t find time to visit around.

  4. “Her favorite band was Joy Division, for reasons unknown…”


    “And she was one cigarette away from quitting her job.

    She took a drag.”

    love even more.

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