When the Day Breaks

This is a spectacular short film my father introduced to me. He remembered seeing it at a short film festival years ago, and recently found it on YouTube.

I suggest you give it a looksee. (And the female singer is Martha Wainwright! Score!)

-Rachicken before the egg


2 thoughts on “When the Day Breaks

  1. Well. Humph. Grin.

    What a strange experience. I got completely lost in the film – completely! – and then, when it was over, thought, “What?”

    No time to watch again now but it’s definitely worth a couple of more viewings. Great post!

  2. BAZAH! i started watching the film in the university library and the sound just BLARED from the computer speaker. Must go home and watch in privacy. (that sounds creepy). About Bing: WHY?! Why? We can’t stave off the inevitable flow towards our bloviated, ad-exposed tourettes future. Let’s just embrace the evil and roll around in it. It’s tastier, and that way we get a head start. I’m all for nature and a White Noise-less future, but I think I’m ok with second best: a search engine that shows me a water hog with a bird on its face. That’s nature-y, right?

    Re: the short film, I love that your dad is cool and introduces you to films. My dad continuously bugs me to watch Chariots of Fire with him.

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