Long Live Pocket Protectors

This is another fluff entry, because I’ve been freaking out over all the junk I’ve got to sort out in my life right now.

So, I just want to take a break from all that for a moment and share an observation I’ve made recently:

The only reason to watch any sort of forensics show is for the socially awkward lab geek.

Why? I’m glad you asked, dear Creeter Readers! It’s because I’m a fan of the following:
-comic relief, even when there’s no tension that needs relieving.
-geeks, especially televised ones who happen to still be ferociously attractive.
-social awkwardness in general, as I participate in it every day.

And these are the socially awkward lab geeks that made me realize this theory of mine:

wallace langham 08
David Hodges, trace technician in the original CSI.

(I would also put bleached-hair guy, Greg Sanders, from CSI, but he’s not so much socially awkward. Besides, he’s no longer technically a lab geek now that he’s in the field.)

I just started watching (reruns of) Bones, and I’m sorry I didn’t start watching it sooner. I think I like it so much because every character on it is a socially awkward lab geek (well, Booth isn’t really a lab geek, but he’s still somewhat socially awkward in an “I’m trying to be a cool guy even though I’m an FBI agent with a heart of gold, and why won’t Bones realize I love her!!!” kinda way).

bones lab geeks 01
From left to right:
Dr. Lance Sweets, psychology geek. (Bonus points for being a Freaks & Geeks alumnus.)
Zack Addy, genius assistant geek.
Jack Hodgins, bug and slime geek.

And of course all the female characters, whom I also love, though in a very different way.

I am tempted to add The Big Bang Theory, even though it’s not a forensics show, just because of the rampant use of socially awkward lab geeks. But I will refrain. And just be happy with giving it a shout-out. Hey, BBT. Bazinga.

And don’t even get me started on Bill Nye.

So this list quickly dissolved into a mess of random “Yea, lab geeks!” Oh well. That’s how I do.

In keeping with the theme, I thought I’d offer this great nerd song called “I Love Computers” by Fat Truckers.


End of Line

P.S. I went through a phase of signing off all my emails and diary entries with “End of line” because of the movie Tron. And the geek love continues…


3 thoughts on “Long Live Pocket Protectors

  1. re: bing
    Ah, it’s the hypocrisy that kills you. I hear ya. You puncture their pomposity and leave them reeling! Truth be told, I’m a sucker for good advertising, so show me an ad that makes me laugh or smile and all sins are forgiven, hypocrisy and all. Gosh, I wish I had your principles!

    (full disclosure: I pasted this response on my page under your comment too. I don’t know how commenting works anymore. What is correct commenting etiquette?)

    I haven’t seen or heard of any of the TV shows you listed above. Bones? Is that British?

  2. Oh, shoot. I’ve never heard of Bones either, and now I’ve gone and disconnected my cable. Ah, well. Maybe I’ll go visit my mom and watch it there. She’s sort of into lab geeks, too, although she mostly wants to know what IS that they’re looking at under the microscope?

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