Dust off the cobwebs, I’m home again

Oh, my lovelies, I feel so bad for neglecting this place for so long!

Life has been coming at me fast, both in the bad way (boo illness!) and the good (yay getting a job!). I’ve been back in my hometown for a couple months now, and it feels great. It’s strange how few friends I have left here, though, because I didn’t keep in touch with most of them, and several of the ones I did still talk to have recently moved away.

But I’ve always been a “core group” kind of person, anyway. I usually have some group of four or five friends that I constantly kick it with, getting closer to each of them individually before moving on to the next. I sort of pass the Best Friend baton around.

That used to worry me a bit, because it can seem like I don’t really care about my best friends that much, if I have a different one every few years. I think that’s just how I operate, though. At certain times in my life I need a particular person to help me get through the days, and even though they may not be my BFF at some point in the future, they still mean the world to me at that moment — and will probably continue being a great friend after I’ve bonded with someone else.

I forgot what I came here to say…

Oh, yes! I wanted to show everyone the picture I took of the pipe that burst in my parents’ garage last month; the one that destroyed part of my childhood.

Here’s the culprit:

Tiny little bugger, ain’t he? But that’s all it took. All of those tapes (including dozens off-camera) and everything on the floor (including five times as much off-camera) were what got hit.

Well, my dear Creeter Readers, I shall say to you good day. And I hope it’s not another month before you hear from me again.



2 thoughts on “Dust off the cobwebs, I’m home again

  1. Hi, Rachel ~ After nearly a year, I finally figured out what to do with Sara’s chicken-suited snowboarder! You might alert her to the fact that she’s been quoted, utilized and re-contextualized over at The Task at Hand, and with great high humor ;-)

    Understand perfectly about the friend thing. From this end of it, it’s clear that part of the reason is growth and change. As I’ve moved on to other interests and new worlds, I just have less in common with folks who prefer to stay in the world I just left. Or so it seems…

    Glad to hear you’re feeling happy and settled. I’ll keep me eye out from more bulletins from the front!

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