saracreeter shamefacedly peeks around the corner

anybody home?

can I still come in?

2010 New Year’s Resolution:
Post my Monday blogs every week, and not every three months!
…and make my resolutions before March.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Sara! Hoorah! Look at this this way – making resolutions in March means you’re already ahead of folks who gave up their resolutions in February!

    I’ve been sitting on your story about your chicken-suited,snowboarding friend for a year – it was just too good not to get another go-around!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I just read your story that referenced my chicken friend – I feel so honoured to have a citation on your blog! :D

  3. Sara — you’re always welcome. My friend Miki wants to encourage you by saying you just caught the end of Chinese New Year, so your March resolution isn’t too far off. I’m so glad you’re back, though, it’s been a bit lonely here by myself. =)

    Linda — that wonderful post of yours makes me smile several shades of happy. I’ll probably write another comment on your blog, also, but I just wanted to say you used Sara’s chicken suit story perfectly.

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