Sure ‘Nuff ‘n’ Yes I Do

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but for some reason I can never remember to actually post on Wednesday. All Tuesday I think, “Yay! Tomorrow’s my turn to post!” And then all Thursday I think, “Crap! I forgot to post!”

Anyway. I figure it’s not that big a deal since I (and occasionally Sara) seem to be the only one(s) posting these days. Oh Erin and Steven Creeter, how we miss you!

Okay, now on to what I meant to write.

Next week I shove off for this year’s Sigma Tau Delta convention. I went last year, when it was in Minneapolis. You can take a trip down memory lane and read about that post here. This year the convention is in St. Louis, and I don’t know any of the professional authors lined up to speak. But it’s sure to be a swell time had by all, believe you me!

I’m presenting another one of my short stories and a critical essay. Actually, I’m reading the Dostoevsky essay I mentioned in last year’s “I’m goin’ to the STD con!” post. The paper is called “Hey, Fyodor, Leave Them Jews Alone: Dostoevsky’s Anti-Semitism” and it is my favorite essay I’ve ever written. Mostly because it was incredibly easy to write. And because I love me some Jews. (Which is probably why it was incredibly easy to write, since I actually cared about the subject.)

St. Louis! I just felt like saying that. I love visiting new cities, so I can’t wait to go, even if only for the “I’m somewhere I’ve never been before!” aspect. I’m actually flying into Arkansas so I can meet up with the other English majors from my Alma mater, and we’re all going to take a road trip to the convention. It’ll be a long drive but, again, I’m a fan of traveling.

Hopefully I’ll have something exciting to report when I get back.

Rachel Creeter

P.S. The title of this post is a song from the Captain Beefheart album Safe As Milk. The Cap’n was pure genius. Here he is performing the song with His Magic Band in 1968:


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